Calculating Fish Weight - Practice Catch and Release

Have you ever wondered how much the one that got away weighed? While the one that got away will always be fertile fodder for tall tales, now you can accurately estimate the weight of the ones that you let get away. By gently taking some simple measurements of the fish before it is released and employing the formula below, you can know exactly how much the fish weighed. Any further exaggeration is purely discretionary. 

The Formula:

    ((Girth x Girth) x Length) / 800 = weight in pounds 
    (girth and length are inches)

If the fish’s girth is 15 inches and its length is 29 inches, the formula would be used as follows: 

    15 x 15 x 29, divided by 800 = 8.16 pounds
Then the ".16" or "16/100" is converted to ounces (multiply by 16) 
    .16 x 16 = 2.56 or 3 ounces
so this fish is 8 pounds 3 ounces 

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