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Spanish Mackerel on the beach!!

PostPosted: Fri Jul 26, 2013 4:20 pm
by captainbutch
7/25/13 (2nd half)
After such a great morning trip Capt. Butch and I left the dock at Bald Head Island this afternoon with some old friends of Yeah Right Charters: Chris and Rebeccah Barbee of Winston-Salem, NC alongside Jake and Alex Baumann of Charlotte, NC and Charley and Sherry Lloyd of Greensboro, NC on a 1/2 day evening trip, wondering how we could top this morning's catch!

That question was soon answered as the two 10 year old boys, Jake and Alex began to grin ear to ear and jump in excitement to reel in the next Spanish Mackerel!!! Once Capt. Butch got the Yeah Right II positioned where he wanted her and I got the lines set, it was on! Spanish Mackerel on one after the other for the most part the entire time! My "red" Almost Alive Lure got cut off this evening so I tied on the Silver one! This one worked nearly as good but the Spanish Mackerel were wanting the red/pink color today and so that is what I gave them! We managed to put nearly 6 limits of Spanish Mackerel (83), great eating size 2-3lbers, in the boat before the tide went slack and the Bluefish came out to bite again. The crew put about a dozen Bluefish in the boat in the 3-5lb range and then it was time to head back to the dock.

It's awesome when a plan comes together, the Capt. and his knowledge put the Yeah Right II on the fish today, I was able to narrow down the exact formula for them to bite nonstop for today and everyone was all smiles enjoying catching great fish for the table and plenty of them with great action!
Headed offshore on a Full Day charter tomorrow so hopefully I'll be reporting back to you guys how the offshore bite is tomorrow!
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Til then, FISH ON!!!
Capt's Butch and Chris Foster