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Recommendation: Florida Want Advertiser for Boat Sales?

PostPosted: Tue Mar 15, 2005 12:10 pm
by Rob-greenpond
Hello All,

I've been looking to purchase a 29' Seavee (2002-2004ish) and was wondering if anyone could recommend a Florida based Want Advertiser that I can subscribe to for helping me with my search. Any advise as to who may be selling this boat would also be appreciated.

I live in Boston, MA and it seems that my best chance of finding this boat used/for sale by owner will be around Florida in some kind of a local boat sales Want Adertiser. Many thanks for any info.

BTW: my direct email:

Thanks to all,

PostPosted: Sat Dec 06, 2008 11:21 am
by ReelSlinger
Hey Rob... you might check-out BOATRAC, they list dealer liquidations, repos and private sales at wholesale prices. It appears they have a decent list of boats from dealers across the country.