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Great Lakes Lure Set Ups 2011 Part #1

PostPosted: Sat Feb 26, 2011 6:50 pm
by Jim Blue Max Charters
Great Lakes Lure Set Ups 2011 Part #1
By Lake Michigan Fishing Charter Milwaukee Capt. Jim Hirt
Current information is critical to being at the top of your game in any sport. Fishing is no exception and perhaps more critical than other sports. This article will focus on what to use and where for the 2011 season. Read all my articles and see video fish reports at

What to use and where?
In this article I would like to help you define when and where to use spoons, minnow type baits, flasher flies, dodger flies, squids and a variety of other lures. The way I decide what to use is determined by many variables. Let’s look at each of them separately. What we are looking for is the right color, size, lure action and location that will get your target species to strike.

Two ways to go
This is the first of two approaches with every fisherman putting his own twist on each. Some fishermen believe it is better to run all of the same kind of lure at one time and use a selection of colors or sizes. This type of presentation is called bait sets. Let’s say they are running six rods. They will run the same type of spoon on each rod in a variety of colors and sizes, or all flashers and flies in different colors. Bait sets work well when you know what's happening but you leave no room for error. If you're hot you're hot or if you’re wrong you may not be in the game.

Second set up
The other approach to presentation is running a different lure on every line. This set up is called shotgun. Mixing lures this way is tricky; some lures may be too fast or too slow to work well. On most days, I run a mix of different lures doing what I call Mini Sets to minimize this problem. This is what I might do in a summer presentation. I am usually running 12-16 rods. I split up my rods into three mini sets.

Check out for Reaper, Vulcan and Nestor Wobbler spoons proven and tested by anglers worldwide. Have a great fishing season. Captain Jim. Let's go fishing!! Jim charters out of Milwaukee, WI. with Blue Max Charters. He can be reached at 414-828-1094 or visit his web site at Copyright© 2011, James J. Hirt, All Rights Reserved.