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Lake Erie steelhead fishing

PostPosted: Sun Sep 28, 2014 9:25 pm
by JackSprat
September 24, 2014 - more action

ImageIf you have watched any of my steelhead fishing videos, Ron is familiar to you. A recent email from Ron tells me that they are experiencing excellent fishing. Ron who is local and works the afternoon shift had his best morning of fishing this month. He landed 11, rolled a few and missed plenty. He told me it was one of those days when it was tough to go to work. I am sure when Ron left for work that his fishing buddies Dan and Craig continued to torment the hungry steelhead. Good news – all three are strictly catch and release. No drag and brag there.

No surprise to most anglers that the standard early season bait/lure presentations are working - single eggs, tiny egg sacs, nymphs, nymph/bugger tandems and egg patterns. I am reluctant to tell you where these three are fishing because they are such an important, credible source for fishing conditions and information. If the truth be told, you don’t need my help finding the steelhead. Anyone who has fished for Lake Erie steelhead before can look at the September streams and go directly to the areas holding the fish.

If you are a fan of late summer/early fall steelhead fishing, gas the truck, load your gear and go get them. The crowds are coming soon, the nasty weather is a month away and the fish are there.

One more thing for you to keep in mind if you like to fish that soft plastic, aggressive jigging presentation, the conditions are perfect. When fish get stacked in low water conditions, reaction bites are common. All you need is the right plastic whatever and strong wrists to keep shaking that rod tip. Not for me. My arthritis flares up just watching the younger anglers fish those assassins.

I gather and share steelhead fishing information. I have a twitter account [], but I am too "wordy" for the 140 spaces provided. I also have a YouTube account that is worth subscribing to if you like steelhead fishing -

Best regards,

Jack York