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Lake Erie Steelhead Fishing Report October 5, 2014

PostPosted: Mon Oct 06, 2014 7:57 pm
by JackSprat
Steelhead Fishing Report October 5, 2014

Some anglers enjoyed several weeks of good fishing for the stacked fish using single eggs, small egg sacs, egg patterns, nymphs and reaction strike plastic jigs. Double digit days were enjoyed by skilled early season anglers.

Now two substantial rain events yesterday and today have provided the necessary water level required for upstream migration of steelhead. Fish that had been staging on the near lake sections of Lake Erie tributaries final got the “green light”.

So begins the “find them - catch them” process as everyone will be searching good holding water in the sections of Lake Erie tributaries from Route 5 to Route 90. For now, I believe that the number of fish above Route 90 will be minimal.

Usually the near lake sections of the streams take a few days to “reload” as more steelhead leave Lake Erie and enter the tributaries. With additional rain, those new fish will enter and move upstream throughout the night hours. At daybreak, the migrating fish stop and settle into a holding pattern and that sets up the morning bite that is so common in October.

OctBlog20141As the week progresses, additional rain may challenge your ability to keep track of the migrating pods of steelhead. Especially if water levels get above average and turbidity provides “cover” for the fish. If we get normal October water levels that will give “spot and stalk” anglers the upper hand.

Enjoy the great October fishing. See you on the water.