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New Fishing Log Website Shows Anglers When and Where to Fish

PostPosted: Sat Dec 07, 2013 10:45 am
by StrikeSpot
Announcing - a new website that allows fishermen to maximize their time on the water by finding and catching fish faster and easier. In the past, anglers would have to spend time searching to find fish and figuring out how to catch them. Using the power of cloud computing and advanced pattern analysis algorithms, is able to create a customized fishing plan that predicts the best fishing spots, best times to fish, and tactics (including what fishing lures to use) to catch more fish. It does this by automatically analyzing over one hundred pieces data in seconds including your personal catch history, fish behavior patterns, weather information, tides, astronomical conditions, geographical data, and more to forecast where to fish and how to catch them.

How it Works

By using the fishing log from your desktop or mobile device, anglers can log their catches into the website. Only a few fields are required to log a new fishing spot (what you caught and what bait you used); however, the more information you provide in your fishing log the better will be able to more accurately predict the best fishing locations for a future day.

When a fishing spot is logged: the site will automatically populate information about that location at the day and time you caught the fish - even if you caught fish in the past. This provides the most complete set of data around a fish catch including:
Detailed Weather Information
Geographical data from environmental sensors (lake height, flow rate, temperature, etc)
Water quality data from environmental sensors
C-MAN and bouy information (water temperature, wave height, etc)
Sun and moon data (sunrise, sunset, moon position, etc)
Tide information
... and a lot more.

When using your mobile device on the water, will detect your location from the phone’s GPS to mark your current spot and predict the best locations around where you currently are located. also provides a detailed history and fishing log of all your previous fishing adventures.