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Fishing in Salinas, ecuador

PostPosted: Sat Dec 24, 2011 9:35 am
by kidslug
Just came back from Salinas , Ecuador where the some friends and I fished for marlin for 4 days aboard dog day charters with Captain Sultan, we wanted to fish for Marlin, and checked out some great locations, but the Captain sultan assured us that the fishing in Salinas was "awesome and the bite was on"!! he even told us he caught a striped marlin 3 miles off shore a couple days before we arrived, so we changed our trip and went to Salinas, boy we were disappointed we fished 2 days no bites and some friends from Naples Florida fished 2 days no bite, after talking to locals we found out that only 1 fish was caught in 2 months (not him) which was a fluke, and this is not the right time (Water temperature and currents). All six anglers working guys who found time to get away and try to catch a marlin were all very disappointed by the dishonesty of Captain Sultan of Dog day charters when confronted with the truth he had no response. should of stayed in Florida and taken my own boat out for a ride, it would of been cheaper than 900 a day!!

My suggestions to you traveling anglers check out the captain and his charter get references, talk to people who have fish with him, and in Salinas stay away from Capt sultan all you'll get is tall fish tales

Catch em up
Pete salvo

Did some research on the marlin picture he sent us and said he caught the week prior, turns out the picture was taken Feb 2008, Dumb me!!!

Re: Fishing in Salinas, ecuador

PostPosted: Wed Feb 15, 2012 11:20 pm
by bassjedi
There was an insane amount of commercial fishing going on down there when I fished there a few years ago. I'm surprised there are any fish left at all. The sportfishermen don't release the few fish they do catch either. What a waste.