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Los Cabos Report - Turkey Day 2012

PostPosted: Thu Nov 22, 2012 11:58 am
by tat.tatterson
If you like tuna… you’ve come to the right place. Pockets of sweet-meat yellowfin can be found from Gordo Point out to Iman Bank and are easily located by just checking the horizon for the panga flotillas. Double digits were hooked and landed most days aboard Little Sister this week with less of the white meat skippies wreaking havoc on the poor, helpless sardines this time around.
Still cruising the perimeter of these tuna schools are dorado of various shapes and sizes as well as the occasional drive-by wahoo. Almost daily we’ll get “swish-boom” wahoo hits on the light tuna lines which usually last between .25 and 4 seconds before the unsuspecting client reels in a hookless leader needing to be re-tied.
However! It is that time of year when we will soon be rigging larger live baits to the double and triple-hook cable leaders, thus reducing the number of hoo’s swimming around out there with our jewelry hanging from their lips. These aren’t city fish, they’re country fish and shouldn’t be hot-footin’ it around town with strangely pierced faces… where I come from that’s grounds for a sentence of at least 4 minutes per side on the BBQ.
Cows are still grazing both the Outer and Inner Gordo Banks and although this week's clients opted for quantity over quality, cows and the occasional super cow are still being hung daily. We had a couple of days with strong offshore northerlies (really strong for so early in the season) but things flattened out on Wednesday and we're dialed back in for those wanting something you could put a saddle on and ride through the water.
Pacific side marlin fishing is definitely here. Although we’ve been concentrating on exploiting the splendid tuna action on our side, our friends to the west are reporting multiple hook-ups per day up the coast between the arch and Pescaderos with plenty of small to medium dorado (and the occasional toad) to keep the warm-up jackets off the players between billfish.
As a side-note, our new vacuum sealing/freezing service has taken on a life of its own. Tuna, dorado and wahoo are now gaining more frequent flyer miles than ever. Have a great week!
-Capt. Tat