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Los Cabos Report (SJD) 11/24/2012

PostPosted: Sun Nov 25, 2012 12:59 am
by tat.tatterson
OK, who stole the sardines? Let’s see your pockets!

Nothing worse than starting the day jockeying for position among twenty or thirty other boats waiting in line at the Food Bank. Sometimes I think I’m in the wrong business… we should be selling little fish instead of trying to catch big ones. Anyhow, the longest wait was about 30 minutes (still too long) on Wednesday while we at least entertained ourselves watching the nets being expertly cast mere inches from the PLC breakwater.

However, it turns out that the little turds (sardines) were worth waiting for. For those fortunate enough to lie, cheat or steal their way into a bucket of precious sardinas, fishing was good. Although it appears that school at Gordo Point must have closed early for Turkey Day (we’ve been pretty much on fire there for the last couple weeks), we did locate tuna, dorado, wahoo and sierra further east at Iman Bank.

School tuna to the upper 30’s, a wide range of dorado and an ever increasing number of wahoo all made guest appearances in the fish boxes this week. Sierra are showing near the beach making a slow troll over the high spots worthwhile for those needing more white meat. There were also marlin caught on, going to and coming from Iman as boats either without or running out of swimmers tried to stretch out their day.

Word has it that the cows are still at Gordo Bank (not sure which) but the skippies are hard to get. Being that this is what they have been biting on lately (both live and chunks) it made it hard for us to invest much time on those rock piles if the client wasn't absolutely obsessed with a cow . With that said, Renegade Mike boxed up a nice fish out there this week that I believe he told me was about a buck and a half.

On Thursday we made a “Lure Only” run to Iman after an unsuccessful bribery attempt on the bait boys. I think only three or four out of thirty boats had bait that day, and I’m sure that they all were blood relation to the bait pangeros. We got real lucky, four mature dorado and a sweet ‘hoo on the large end of middle-sized fell victim to our random lure presentation. After all, it was Thanksgiving Day, thank you God.

I don’t have a reliable report to present this week on the Pacific side, sorry, although I’m sure you’ll see one soon from our San Lucas pals. Full moon is almost here, bait is sparse but we are all “Glass Half Full” guys.

Good luck digesting all that bird and have a great week.
-Capt. Tat