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Los Cabos (SJD) Report 03/10/2013 - update

PostPosted: Sun Mar 10, 2013 5:34 am
by tat.tatterson
“Headquarters, disregard that last transmission.” Hopefully without jinxing myself, I will say that I may have spoken too soon… give me some wood to “knock” on, please. So, three days ago I said we were in the midst of the “Mid-Winter Blues”, now I’ll change that to read we’re suddenly in the midst of the “Mid-Winter Stripers.”

Yep, overnight. While on Thursday I mentioned that there were new signs of life the Puerto Los Cabos fillet station (we didn’t fish that day) after over a week of dismal results, the next day we took out some returning clients (a retired married couple from upstate New York) and they released three Striped Marlin while also putting a couple of sweet AJ’s in the box.

So, that’s how the fish roll… gone one day, here the next… and vice versa of course. The fish were all hooked within a mile and half of Punta Gorda and really musta snuck in under the radar because they just appeared like Waldo.

While the water hasn’t warmed significantly (hovering around 70 degrees), something certainly did change and we’re not gonna question it. Gifts from the Gods are better left un-questioned. Let’s call it a combination of water clarity improvement and bait congregation.. sounds good to me.

This is just a quickie report meant to build confidence and improve morale, hope it works. Till next week, have a wonderful week… we hope to.

-Capt. Tat