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Wade the Florida Keys (DIY) Bonefishing

PostPosted: Wed Sep 21, 2011 7:07 am
by sandmark
September Bonefishing Report - Wade The Florida Keys Flats
It has been tough trying to get the bonefish to take a fly over the past couple of days; but at least I have had some shotsat a few schools of bones to keep my fly fishing skills in test mode. The solitude of wading also allows for time to gather your thoughts, take notice of your surroundings, and ask yourself questions, such as: "Why is it that women like kayaking more than men?" Kayaks are on the flats most of the time; and the women to men paddling ratio seems to be about 2 to 1, which is better than going to a singles bar! Henceforth, I fish in front of the kayak rental rack to increase my odds of hooking up. Fish on! I'm not sure if it is a female, but it weighs about 4 - 5 pounds. I told you it would work.