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Where are the Bonefish?

PostPosted: Mon Oct 10, 2011 6:27 pm
by sandmark
Well, it has taken way too much time to catch this bonefish, as it is, for me, at least 30hrs of flats fishing to catch one now. I have talked with 4 others that have fished the backcountry recently; and they haven't caught any or seen much either. I cannot find a professional report for bonefishing here; so I only assume that the bonefish have dropped off this year. Maybe it is just a cycle for them, because I should be seeing 5 times as many at least. I hope I am wrong. I am just saying it has been very very difficult to find bonefish this fall. I caught this bone and saw another yesterday; and only saw 1 today in 6 hours each day. And, I haven't caught one since Sept 27 or seen much after that. I hope somebody can assure me that I am wrong. I would be happier seeing more and not catching.