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Fly Fishing Report Ladies Only

PostPosted: Sat Oct 13, 2012 11:58 am
by sandmark
Not too windy today; a little stirred up, myself as well. I got pretty excited as I thought this ladyfish could
possibly be a small bonefish, until it jumped. It kind of looks like a bonefish; so does that count? I
caught 2. Nope. I am putting in long days, long hours, trying my best; but I am seeing all kinds of
species, just no bonefish. This should be Prime Season right now; and I can't believe that it is just me
with this issue. I could be wrong. It looks like this upcoming weather is going to give my back and feet a
rest from wading for a couple of days.. Ladyfish photo link
I saw these 4 bonefish the other day as well. Photo link

Until again,

The Single Man

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