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Tampa Bay Fishing Report

PostPosted: Wed Dec 05, 2012 4:12 pm
by largofishingnut
I may not be a fishing charter captain, but i sure go fishing a lot and catch my fair share of beasts. This week I've been fishing the East side of Gandy right before you hit the St.Pete side of the Howard Franklin Bridge. The trout fishing here is outstanding in the winter! I got to the spot at about noon Monday and fished a pretty stagnant mid level tide where i caught 2 gator trout. One was the biggest I've ever caught in my life. The first hit a spook jr. topwater bait and came completely out of the water. It was pretty spectacular to watch. Then about 25 minutes later I switched to a green XL mirrodean and got walloped by a 26 inch gator. Though these were the only good fish I caught on the day (except for a few runt trout earlier of soft plastics), I was pretty happy with them. Too bad they were outside the slot limit. I would have attached pics, but the file size is too big to upload to this report. I was forced to use my cell phone to take the shot so I could quickly release the fish in enough time to keep them alive. You can however see the pics on for all you non believers out there haha. A captain from my favorite Fishing Social Network gave me the 411 on where to go find these beasts.