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Fishing Carabelle/St George Island March 26!

PostPosted: Tue Mar 27, 2012 8:24 am
by Mr.Angler1
Yesterday was probably one of the nicest days on the water. The sun was out and winds were NNW. We got on the water around 9 and made a run to dog island to see if any reds/seatrout were bitting. we stayed at that spot for about 45 minutes with no bites. We decided to try the island across from dog island and as we were crossing over the mouth of the gulf( opening between dog island and the island across from it) we say alot of people wading so i figued there had to be fish over here. i looked at my map and noticed that there was a near shore drop of about 50 yards from where the waders were. So we ankered down and sure enough within 5 mintues we landed our biggest mack of the day. We stayed at this spot for the majority of the day landing 5 macks(missed a few) and some shovelnose sharks(not sure if that the correct name) the largest being around 4 feet long!!

New to the fourm and having trouble upload pics