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Alabama's Weiss Lake this Fall Season for Big Bass!

Capt. Reed Montgomery
October 13, 2014
Weiss Lake - Freshwater Fishing Report

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Alabama's Weiss Lake (the origin of the Coosa River System) is located in north Alabama. It was Impounded in 1961. At full pool the lake is 564.0

* You can call Alabama Power Company 1-800-lakes-11 for daily lake level and water generation schedules for Weiss lake and other Alabama lakes. Or on the internet see: www.lakelevels.info for the current lake levels for all Alabama lakes.

During the Fall and Winter seasons Weiss Lake is lowered for Winter pool until the Spring of next year. It is then brought back to full pool usually by late April for another six months.

Navigating this lake (especially for first timers), is very dangerous for the next six months, especially when the lake can be down as much as five feet below normal, full pool lake level.

Not only is this bad for navigating your boat and outboard motor (which can result in some very expensive repairs), but traveling at high speeds in one of today's bass boats can be very dangerous for occupants of a boat as well.

Especially when boaters accidently hit some hidden underwater obstruction like rocks and stumps...of which this lake has a lot of!

This is wood and rock "underwater bass holding cover" that bass anglers probably fished this past Spring and Summer season! But as lake levels fall, these still hidden obstructions, can now be only inches beneath the surface of the water.

Just waiting for some unfortunant boater to discover soon! So plan ahead!

Launch your boat at a good boat launch. Study maps of the lake. Stay within red and green channel markers when navigating your boat, and stay away from those white buoys, marking those normally low water spots hazardous to boats and boaters year round!

Or fish with a good, qualified profesional fishing guide, one that knows Weiss lake! Like Reed Montgomery, owner of Reeds Guide Service! Weiss Lake's oldest, professional - bass fishing only - guide service, for over 40 years. Website: www.fishingalabama.com

Low lake levels do have a positive advantage for bass anglers that are planning on returning to Weiss lake during full pool. All of that, "now very visible bass holding cover", will again be underwater, when the lake is returned to full pool the next year's Spring season.

So take notes now. Mark maps. Triangulate. Or save GPS coordinates for future referance. For there is no way you will remember it all, when its once again hidden beneath the waters surface and once again loaded with springtime spawning bass!

* Lures and Techniques for Fall Bass on Weiss Lake - Many anglers caught largemouth bass all summer long fishing around the lake's aquatic weeds. Soon, those weeds will be gone. But do not put away those weedless lures yet!

Buzz baits and spinnerbaits, weedless lures you normally fish around Weiss Lake's weeds, will still fool those big aggresive largemouth bass now lingering around stumps, brush piles, laying trees and logs and any rock cover, bottom changes, or any cover found near the previously growing weeds, now out of the water!

Even frog imitations, floating worms and lizards, Senkos, soft plastic shad imitations like Zoom's (pearl or white) Flukes and any type of blade bait like Chatter baits, will still fool these bass, some still in some very shallow water.

For bass found now lingering on the main lake flats and major creek flats, fishing with those moving type lures, will aid anglers in covering more water faster and help pick off the more anxious feeding bass. Those bass constantly feeding on baitfish like bream and shad.

Spinnerbaits, square-billed (or round bill), shallow running crankbaits, both suspending model and floating model hard-bodied jerk baits, rattling lipless lures (like Rattletraps or Red Eye Shad) and other shad imitating lures like swim baits rigged on a jig head, will all fool these big, largemouth bass and big, spotted bass...all foolishly feeding in Weiss Lake's low pool shallows this Fall!

Or you can always call (205) 663-1504 on Reeds Guide Service...first! See my Website: www.fishingalabama.com located in Birmingham, Al. For learning how to navigate and bass fish Weiss Lake during the Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer seasons. "Guiding year round for over 40 years on all Alabama lakes for largemouth bass, spotted bass, smallmouth bass and striped bass!"

* 2015 Ranger Comanche Bass Boat provided by www.rangerboats.com and www.airportmarine.com

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* Note - Keep in mind, "A guided Fishing Trip with Reed Montgomery of Reeds Guide Service" makes a great Christmas gift for those loved ones that love to fish! Great gift for Christmas, Birthdays, Anniversary, Graduation, Fathers Day Mothers Day...any ocassion!

See my website www.fishingalabama.com for e-mail and more info on obtaining a guided fishing trip gift certificate, good for now and all of 2015!

Thanks, Reed Montgomery Owner of Reeds Guide Service! Birmingham, Alabama (205) 663-1504.

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Weiss Lake Fishing Forecast:

Rain predicted for Monday and Tuesday Oct 13-14. Cooler, daytime in the 70's and nights in the upper 40's, the next few days with sunny conditions.

Target Species:

Largemouth Bass and Spotted Bass

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Alabama's oldest, professional guide service, guiding on all of Alabama's lakes for over 40 years. Guiding for largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, spotted bass and striped bass. Several guides and boats available year round.

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