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Huge Steelhead

Capt. Noel Gyger
April 6, 2010
Terrace - Freshwater Fishing Report

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The photo of the week shows Ron Wakita and his son Brandon with a huge Kalum River Steelhead landed and released on April 1, 2010. Brandon caught this fish with: Spinning Rod: 8' Trophy XL www.purefishing.com Spinning Reel: Abu Garcia Cardinal Stamina Drag. Line: Braided Tuf-Line DuraCast www.tuf-line.com Lure: Gibbs Koho 55 www.gibbsfishing.com Hook: 3/0 Gamakatsu Siwash (Open Eye) barb pinched down www.rapala.ca Landing Net: Gibbs www.gibbsfishing.com Catch and Release (soft mesh). Cast on the link www.youtube.com/watch?v=bcT-TsB6Hvg to watch the 3 minute 26 second video clip. Brandon says this was the largest Steelhead he has ever landed. Read more details below.

Noel Gyger - WEEKLY FISHING REPORTS for Smithers, Terrace, Kitimat and Prince Rupert

Dear Fishing Friends:

SUMMARY: Weather has been fair during the week. Plenty good enough for springtime fishing. More and more anglers are fishing for Steelhead, Cutthroat Trout, and Dolly Varden Char using both fly, spin and conventional gear. The talk is about catching that first Chinook (King) Salmon. The water is at normal heights for this time of year. The Skeena River has been dropping all week and fishing for Steelhead and Trout is good. There is a possibility to hook a Chinook (King) Salmon also. The lower end of the Zymoetz (Copper) River is fishing good for Steelhead and Trout. The Kalum River is fishing good for Steelhead. Check out the new video below. The Kitimat River is very low and fishing is only fair for Cutthroat Trout. Steelhead are being caught also and should improve steadily as the month goes on. We really need a bump in water heights. Check out the Ron Wakita report below. Note: there is a safety issue for Drift Boaters on the Kitimat River, please see below. Winter Chinook fishing in the Kitimat Harbour and Douglas Channel is poor right now and is weather dependent. Crab (Dungeness and King) fishing is excellent. Winter Ocean Chinook and Halibut fishing in Prince Rupert is good when the weather is good. Check out the Jeff Carlson report below. The Smithers anglers are itching to fish for Steelhead. Check out the Cory Koenig report below. Jason Munday in Terrace reports good Steelhead and Dolly Varden Char fishing on the lower mainstem Skeena and Kalum Rivers. Other rivers have good Trout Fishing. Check out his report below. Anglers are reminded to renew their fishing licenses.

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April 1, 2010 One "New" clip posted on Video Clips

I went Steelhead fishing with Ron Wakita and his son Brandon on the Kalum River on April 1, 2010. We spent only four hours fishing and hooked three Steelhead and managed to land two, plus a bunch of Trout. The biggest Steelhead was estimated to weigh over 20-pounds and it "is" the star of this video clip. The fish is a dark buck, heavy in spawning colour. We wanted to measure him but decided not to as we wanted to release this big guy as quickly as possible. I think we did OK as he swam away as soon as he was put back into the water. Brandon says this was the largest Steelhead he has ever landed. These fish can be caught with spin, conventional or fly rods.

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For this fish Brandon was using: Spinning Rod: 8' Trophy XL www.purefishing.com Spinning Reel: Abu Garcia Cardinal Stamina Drag. Line: Braided Tuf-Line Duracast www.tuf-line.com Lure: Gibbs Koho 55 www.gibbsfishing.com Hook: 3/0 Gamakatsu Siwash www.rapala.ca (Open Eye) barb pinched down. Landing Net: Gibbs Catch and Release www.gibbsfishing.com (soft mesh). Click here www.youtube.com/watch?v=bcT-TsB6Hvg for a direct link to the video. It is also listed on the Video webpage. Title: Another HUGE Steelhead and listed in category 2010 Steelhead Clips. Clip #0077. Plays for 3:26 minutes.

Have "YOU" entered the following draw yet? Thank you to those who have...
Cast on link to view full size www.noelgyger.ca/articles/win-a-FREE-driftboat-fishing-trip.doc?

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NOW BOOKING for 2010: Let me know if I can be of service to book you with the "best" fishing guide and/or fishing lodges for both river and ocean. There are NO extra charges to book through me, just a lot of free information and advice from a person with years and years of fishing and fish guiding experience. It is like hiring two guides for the price of one. I will promptly answer your questions and concerns. Cast here http://noelgyger.ca/special-guided.htm to read more of what I have to offer.

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Many people book three trips per year to our area; one trip in the spring (March-April-May), one trip in the summer (June-July-August) and one trip in the fall (September-October-November). They love having the same guide but fishing for different fish in different areas.

Be sure to check out my website at www.noelgyger.ca for news bulletins, mid week fishing updates, conservation, my history, quality waters strategy, special guided fishing trips, video clips, podcasts, scenic river photos, wildlife photos and others, comments from past guests, informational articles, archived fishing reports from 1996 through 2002 and a sportfishing market place. I hope it meets with your entire satisfaction. I am at your service.


Ron Wakita, Andreas Handl, Mike Herzberg, Glen Kilcup and Jeff Carlson

CURRENT REPORT and summary for Skeena and Tributaries:

TYPE OF FISH CAUGHT: Steelhead, Trout and Dolly Varden Char for river. Salmon, Halibut, Bottom Fish and Dungeness and King Crab for ocean.

Thank you for using barbless hooks! (This is a BC fishing regulation)


LARGEST FISH OF THE WEEK: River: estimate 20-pound Kalum River Steelhead. Ocean: estimate 40-pound Halibut from Prince Rupert.

Click to Enlarge Photo

WEATHER: Cloudy with 60 percent chance of flurries early this morning then sunny with cloudy periods. High 10. UV index 3 or moderate. Sunrise 6:59 AM Sunset 8:15 PM. Today's yearly average temperatures: Maximum 11 degrees. Minimum 1 degrees.

WEATHER REPORTS VIA TELEPHONE: Terrace 250-635-4192 Kitimat 250-632-7864 Prince Rupert 250-627-1155 Smithers 250-847-1958.

SKEENA RIVER: More and more anglers are fishing the mainstem Skeena River for Steelhead. There is a good chance to catch Chinook (King) Salmon also. The water has been dropping all week.

Skeena River height: http://scitech.pyr.ec.gc.ca/waterweb/fullgraph.asp

Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO): Tyee Test Fishery for the Skeena River.

KALUM RIVER: More anglers are heading out to try their luck fishing for Trout and Steelhead. Fishing has been reported as good. The water is coming up slowly. Good conditions for boaters now.

ZYMOETZ (COPPER) RIVER: Steelhead fishing is reported as fair. The upper section is closed as of December 31 but the lower section below the first canyon will stay open for Steelheaders to enjoy.

Fishing Report from: Ron Wakita of Reliable Guide and Charters, Kitimat BC


The Kitimat River height has dropped steadily throughout this week. The Kitimat is now very low and clear almost to the point where it may be too clean. There were reports of fresh Steelhead caught earlier in the week but catch rates have dropped off into the latter part of this week, I suspect due to the exceptionally low, clean water conditions.

Mar 30 Andreas Handl of Kingfish Westcoast Adventures fishing with his friends Casey Kenvan and Warren Mann hooked 2 Steelhead and landed one. Casey hooked this beauty float fishing pink wool with some Roe.

Mar 31 Andreas Handl fishing with his friends Casey and Warren hooked 4 Steelhead, landed 2. They were float fishing and doing some Hot Shotting. They landed this one with a Peach Hot Shot 25.

Apr 1 Derrick Downey caught and released a 35" Kitimat River Steelhead that he caught on his Spey Rod. Derrick was Fly fishing in the upper Kitimat River. Congratulations Derrick!

Apr 3 Drift Boaters Beware! Mike Herzberg reports, "There is a tree completely across the Kitimat River just above where the Wedeene River dumps in. There's just enough room to drag a boat around on the gravel bar end. When we get our next high water there should be enough current to swing the tree straight."

Many Steelheaders have renewed their Fishing Licenses in preparation to fish the Easter Long weekend. The Steelheading on the Kitimat River this weekend may be challenging with the low, clean conditions but the weather forecast is decent. What a wonderful way to spend a weekend. Stay Tuned!


Crabbing, Prawning, Winter Chinook or Bottom Fishing! What a nice choice to have.

We received a report of a boater who brought in 2 Halibut from his trip down the Douglas Channel. There was very little activity this week as many boaters were preparing to take advantage of the Easter Long weekend and head down the Douglas Channel for a few days. Many boaters will not be returning until late Sunday or Monday. Stay Tuned for their results when they retur

Apr 1 Special Report Kalum River. My son Brandon and I had the pleasure of fishing with our good friend Noel Gyger. Noel hooked the first Steelhead, Brandon then hooked a big one and I hooked the last. The highlight of our trip was definitely the size of the Steelhead that Brandon caught and released. The Steelhead was a bit coloured but it was 20lbs plus. Wow, what a big Steelhead! Well Done Brandon! Brandon is on a bit of a roll with catching some big fish lately. In our family competition, I suspect that Brandon's sister, Julie will not be happy when she sees the pictures of Brandon's Steelhead, "Game On!" A Huge Thank You to Noel for inviting us on a trip on the Kalum.

Prince Rupert, BC Report submitted by Glen Kilcup of Fish Hawk Guiding: Hey Ron, I submit a couple of neat ones this round as we start the recovery from a couple of wild days out of Rupert. Again,... myself, Mike Primeau and Jeff Langley took in the sites and the weather out of Prince Rupert. She was a nasty one but we persisted and managed to get into 5 Chinook, ( 2 IN the boat) a half a dozen real nice quillbacks, 2 real big gray cods and a decent Halibut. But the catch of the day actually was something no one would have ever expected to see... a Wolf eel!! He was big and nasty with the same attitude, and a real wrestle for a picture. Fish was caught by Jeff and landed by Mike...lucky guys! Someone had to steer the boat!! Mike also landed this 20lb piece of chrome which showed its true form airborne multiple times. Jeff also landed a 12lber. I was foiled twice boat side as the tiny hooks popped easily using our Anchovy trolling rigs. The last morning yielded another high flying fish for Mike but the task was practically impossible as the strong fish battled us through 6 foot chop, sideways rain and blowing wind! Within the 30 seconds Mike fought the fish, we were blown in the boat over a quarter mile from the "fish on" position!

The gear was Abu Garcia www.purefishing.com Big Game 10,000's with workhorse sticks loaded with Berkley Big Game 130lb braided line for bottom fishing. Gibbs spreader bars www.gibbsfishing.com held the 2 lb lead ball weights and 9/0 Gamakatsu hooks www.rapala.ca for bottom fishing. Shimano Calcutta http://fish.shimano.com 400TE's with 20lb Berkley Big Game mono www.purefishing.com and St Croix wild river medium weight rods were used for the Chinook. We also used a couple of Daiwa mooching reels on Storm rods for the Chinook. Scotty downriggers www.scotty.com and accessories completed the tackle compliment.

Another great day with a couple of old sailors.....

Thank You to everyone for submitting photos and info for this Fishing Report.

Good Health and Good Fishing!
Ron Wakita

PS Any angler wishing to book our Guide and Charter Services please contact Noel Gyger [email protected]

Fishing Report from: J & E Tackle Shop, Prince Rupert BC

Hi Noel, well, it was another beautiful day to be on the water, Friday, April 2, 2010. The weatherman was calling for rain, but fortunately we had a perfect day to do a little prawning and crabbing. We had some relatives show up from the West Kootenay and again, Miles & Denise of the Alouette Gal were kind enough to take us out. While we were steaming for Tucks Narrows we dropped our prawn and crab traps off. I used 300' of weighted ¼" poly rope wrapped around the Line Boss Floats. This made it effortless as the traps sink the line unrolls from the float until the traps reach the bottom, this technique works very well and saves time. While we let our traps soak for a few hours, we tried our luck bottom fishing. We did not catch any fish but it was time well spent. When it was time to pick up our traps I brought along my Ace line Hauler, another way to make prawning and crabbing effortless, as Prince Rupert is one of the deepest natural harbours in the world; I often set my traps in 100' to 250' of water, this is why The Ace Line Hauler is a must. Rumour has it that there was some nice Winter Chinook taken from Tugwell Island.

To book your charter for Winter Chinook onboard the Trish-Anne please contact Jeff Carlson of BC STYLE Fishing Charters www.bcstylefishingcharters.com

Prince Rupert Weather: www.theweathernetwork.com/weather/cabc0236

Prince Rupert Tide Charts:

Thanks. Jeff Carlson – owner

Fishing Report from: Fish Tales Tackle Shop, Terrace BC

Hello Noel, another week has passed! Like last week I am receiving reports of Steelhead being caught in the lower Skeena and Kalum rivers. I would class fishing as GOOD! I have enclosed a couple of pics that I captured on the Lakelse River. I love fishing for trout on the fly. The rivers are still low but in good shape. The odd early Chinook should be coming in also. Saltwater fishing is gearing up as folks are coming into the store heading out for their ocean fishing trips. It is sure nice to see that the season has arrived! Happy Fishing to all from Fish Tales Fly & Tackle Shop!!


Fish Tales would like to take the opportunity to WELCOME Simms www.simmsfishing.com into our store. We now carry a solid Simms product line and growing. Fish Tales invites everyone to come in and check out our store display of this top quality product. Comfort is key for a great day on the river!!

Happy Fishing to all from Fish Tales Fly & Tackle Shop!!

Out of town orders are always welcome. Come in for a coffee anytime.

Jason Munday

Fishing Report from: Cory Koenig of Webflyz, Smithers BC

WEBFLYZ B.C. Proof! A little female taken on the Bulkley River in town, right after an angler left. (Arielle Koenig photo)

Cory Koenig is taking custom fly orders for any species now at www.webflyz.com

Highest Quality, Durable, and Competitively Priced Flies for any Species!


Hello everyone! I am getting ready for a visit with an old, wise, steelhead in Kitimat!

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Webflyz B.C. is also sponsoring flies for 25 year founder of Fins and Skins Media group, along with Hosting Fins and Skins www.finsandskins.com/index.php and Fishing the Flats www.fishingtheflats.com/index.php?module=newser&func=display&topicnum=&nid=106&writer=0 television shows Henry Waszczuk! COMING SOON. Look for beautiful salt and fresh water species being caught with Webflyz B.C.flies!!!

Webflyz B.C. is also a team member of Altenkirch custom fly and gear rods. After 3 generations and 75 years of rod building, Altenkirch rods has a full line of rods and reels, also custom builds to your specifications. Look for Custom fly boxes coming soon on the Altenkirch website!

Over the years, Altenkirch has provided premium rods for these well known anglers, Steve McQueen, Babe Ruth, Ernest Hemingway and George Bush and many more!

Currently, I am pushing orders out the door for anglers around the world. In between orders I am stock piling Rainbow Alley Flies, STEELHEAD flies, Coho Jigs, and BIG trophy trout flies for Lodges on Great Slave Lake and the YUKON!

Within a couple of weeks, I will be casting flies in Lake Kathlyn, which supports great opportunity to fly fish for cutthroat, rainbow and cuttbows, eating most any baitfish imitations you may have! Check out GUMMY MINNOWS and LEECHES for great success, especially for sea-run trout!

Babine Lake has provided some decent char and rainbow trout ice fishing, although the ice is becoming submerged with water. Many small lakes around Tukkii Lodge and the Nilkitkwa road and the entire Babine Lake road leading up to Babine Lake are filled with an abundance of cutthroat and rainbows. We have many fishing opportunities in the Bulkley Valley, time to take advantage! Check Ebay for even better prices on excess stock of flies by WEBFLYZ B.C.

... Need CHAR, BULLTROUT, or PIKE catching flies? How about TOUGH CHINOOK INTRUDERS???Then look at webflyz.com or give me a call 1-250-877-2021 or, ...if you are in need of lures or anything else for ice-fishing, contact Steve Hidber at Oscar's Source for Sports www.oscarssports.com/

Anticipation is definitely on spring fishing in the Terrace/Kitimat area for steelhead. Many new anglers/customers are asking about this years steelhead fishing in our beautiful province!

No time to tie flies? Check out Webflyz B.C.! Any flies can be custom made for your specific fishing situation.

Contact Cory at WEBFLYZ B.C. www.webflyz.com for ice-fishing flies and more.

Check newly added fly photos at www.webflyz.com or... if you are planning a trip to hotter destinations like Belize, Mexico, Bahamas, or even the Cayman Islands check out WEBFLYZ B.C.'s website for select boxed flies that are working for many anglers right now!!! Bonefish, Tarpon, Permit and Stripers are sought after at the moment! From Steelhead to Jack Crevale, Salmon to Marlin, this years' fishing has already begun in some of the lower 48 states!

Check your 2009-2011 Freshwater fishing Regulations synopsis for all details concerning B.C. Lakes and upcoming spring/summer steelhead fishing in Region 6.

Good luck everyone. Yours sincerely, Cory Koenig

PRODUCT PROFILE: New from Baitrix www.baitrix.com
Designed for use in both fresh and saltwater

All Baitrix artificial bait products are HAND FINISHED - one at a time. This is your assurance of quality, consistency, and attention to the smallest detail... "as life-like as they get"!

Easy to Use... Rig as you would a natural. No preparation required!
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Durable...Several fish have been taken with ONE Baitrix bait-fish.
Click on this link: www.youtube.com/watch?v=fpjBbEMsD7g to watch a short 2:33 minute video clip by Tom Davis as he explains and shows you how to use the artificial baitfish.

Catch & Release formula:

- Chinook: girth squared x length x 1.54 divided by 1000 (inches)
- Steelhead: girth squared x length x 1.33 divided by 1000 (inches

WIN a FREE one day DRIFT BOAT FISHING TRIP down the Kitimat River for three people by signing-up your friends, family and fishing partners for my WEEKLY FISHING REPORT. This trip is supplied by Reliable Guide and Charters and is for the 2010 season. The LUCKY WINNER will be drawn on April 30, 2010. Cast to this link to open a form showing how to enter names. Send the completed form via e-mail or postal mail. When I receive it I will reply confirming your name is entered into the draw - GOOD LUCK

To receive my WEEKLY FISHING REPORT and PHOTO via e-mail please send your name and e-mail address to: Noel Gyger [email protected]


Yours sincerely,

Noel F. Gyger

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Good weather now means good fishing!

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