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Fishing ambush points in Crystal river Florida

Capt. Bear Smith
September 22, 2008
Crystal River - Saltwater Fishing Report

For the past few mornings I've noticed that their has been a little chill in the air until about 7:30 am. This tells me that fall is in the air and winter time is just around the corner. That means that a day of fishing will not be only very productive but also much more comfortable because of the dropping temperatures. If you get the chance to get on the water in the next few weeks you will notice that the wind is slowing down and due to that the water will start clearing up quite a bit. When the Water starts to clear like this the small shrimp and bait fish start moving from their nurseries in the shallow back country estuaries to the open gulf to live out their lives and do their part to extend the life of their species.

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All that being said you can bet on one thing for shore to get a constant bite. That would be fishing ambush points. An ambush point is an area where the water stops or flows around something, Like when the tide is going out and it goes around the point of an oyster bar and creates a rip or eddy. The current will produce the same kind of disturbance around bridges, docks, and jetties. The small shrimp and bait fish get trapped in these disturbances and are uncontrollably washed around and confused. This makes them an easy target for all ambush predators. Trout, red fish, snapper, jacks, lady fish, and every other fish that eats live prey will find their way to these ambush points.

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The best way in my opinion to approach these ambush points is try to keep your boat as far up current form the area as possible and still be able to present baits. If you chose to use live bait cast your bait in the area just in front of the current break and let the water flow do the rest. I recommend using a live shrimp under a small float. You don't have to use the largest shrimp in the box either remember most of the natural bait that is flowing by is young their for its not going to be very big." Also keep in mind that elephant eat peanuts." That is good knowledge to have when your are expecting a average trout or a mangrove snapper and a 30" plus red fish is the customer.

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Your best bet for the next few weeks will be trout their will be plenty of them around it should not be hard to catch fifty or sixty of them in a days trip. the average trout will be form 14 to 18 inches and some of them will be in the gator category especially when it gets closer to the end of the October. Red fish will also be a heavy hitter in the month to come. If you can get out early while the air is still cool try throwing a top water plug at a waking red fish you wont ever for get the rush that you get when a known bottom feeder relentlessly attacks a bait that is on the top. Rock piles and ledges in the gulf will provide plenty of action also. Mangrove snapper, grunts,and maybe even a sheep's head or two can be picked up in these areas.
Well that all I have to report about this week. I hope you take my advice on your next fishing adventure and put it to good use. Remember that in today's economy you can hire a professional guide to take you fishing and guarantee a good day on the water for about the same price as filling up your own boat, buying bait, maintaining tackle and going out and searching most of the day to finally get on a decent bite. " It just makes since to hire a guide"

Capt. Bear Smith

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Hi, I'm Capt. Bear Smith, a Saltwater Fishing Guide here in Crystal River, Florida. My specialty is fishing for redfish, but also target many other species of fish, including sharks, cobia, snapper, mackerel, black drum, sheepshead and seatrout. Aside from fishing, we also enjoy several other activities on the water such as: River Safaris and Manatee Tours. If this is something that might interest you or your family, you might want to consider hiring a qualified Nature Tour guide.

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Common Hooker Adventures
4105 N Concord Dr.
Crystal River, FL 34428
Phone: 352-302-3664
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