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Everglades City, Chokoloskee and Everglades National Park

Capt. Charles Wright
February 3, 2005
Everglades City - Saltwater Fishing Report

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February = Camping and




the very mild winter so far, especially our mild January, the water temperature

is much warmer than usual.  In winter, the warmer the water the better the

winter time fishing.  February is the peak month for the “winter mix” … lots of

species and lots of action.


February means lots of action with Spanish mackerel,

bluefish, ladyfish on the flats.  If you get near the bottom with natural baits,

count on redfish, flounder and sheep head.  Species variety is name of the game

in February for those that like lots of action


However, the winter grass-flat king is still the Speckled

Sea Trout.  It is in very common to catch 75 plus fish on a typically charter. 

While the harvest limit is four per angler that still makes a good “mess” of

fish for the table.  There is nothing better than a having a group of for or

more anglers on the boat doing the “Chokoloskee Fire Drill” in the middle of a

school of trout … everyone has a blast … it can be hysterical!





I had group of kayak anglers in from the Atlanta area … father, father-in-law

and three grown sons.  Unfortunately, the fourth grown son could not make it at

the last minute.  The plan was for me to take their camping gear to a ground

site in the Park, set up camp and then take the whole lot and the kayaks in the

mother ship to another location to fish.  They planned to return to camp, keep

the fishing kayaks over night and fish the next day around the camp location.  I

was to pick them up the morning of the third day and to re-locate to another

campsite and do the whole thing over again. 


After a quick indoctrination to the first area, they

quickly figured out that they wanted to fish this remote backcountry location

more than one day.  We changed the plans.  In the kayaks, they caught trout,

snook, redfish, snook, snapper, snook, sheep head, snook, jacks, snook, shark

and snook.  Needless to say, they were well fed!


The third morning, we held to the plan and relocated

everything … I mean everything.  A lot of people take advantage of the

kayak/canoe/camping shuttles during the winter season, but these guys REALLY

took advantage of it…they left nothing at home … nothing!  But that is just



After loading up, we made it to the outside where they set

up camp on a remote, isolated beach.   I gave them the layout of the land, bid

my farewells and left them alone. 


The next day, I came by with my day’s anglers aboard to

check on the Atlanta crew and drop off a load of ice.  One of the anglers

onboard, as expected, gave me that typical look of dismay when I told them that

these guys were kayak fishing … “Kayak fishing? Fishing in a plastic boat. Not

me?” …


I eased up to Dad and two of his sons, he confirmed

everyone was fine and that everyone was having a blast and catching fish.  They

all estimated that they EACH caught 50 or more trout in the first part of the

falling tide that morning … all five anglers.  A couple of times, four them had

fish on at once.   That was a first for this group.   I could see the naysayer

on my boat doing the math … His expression changed.  That is Everglades fishing

in the winter. 


While February is prime camping season, it also marks the

time for the arrival of the big tarpon.  We sight fish these giants, poling

silently in the calm back waters. When we spot a fish, a gentle and accurate

presentation usually will send them aloft.  A fly rod is the best choice, but a

properly rigged spinning rod works very well…If this February is like last, with

the warmer water, it should be spectacular.


By the way, the kayak fishing naysayer, he booked a kayak

fishing/camping trip for his family before he left!!!


Tight Lines!!!


Capt. Charles Wright



CaptWright@ChokoloskeeCharters.com 239-695-9107




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