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fishing aboard the Hooked Up end of febuary

Capt. Taco Perez
March 2, 2009
Fort Lauderdale - Saltwater Fishing Report

This morning we started out our day fishing with bill and his wife Shelley and their two children Maddie and her brother Cullen all from New York.
We started out trolling around one of the bowies out in about 100 feet of water Maddie caught a nice rainbow runner and Cullen caught a little bonito. We decided to try dropping Cullen's little bonito on a ship wreck first thing in the morning before any of the other charter boats fished it. At first we did not get a bite but after about five minutes of slowly dragging his live bait around the wreck Captain Jay Jay yelled up at me to go ahead with the boat. He felt a fish trying to eat the bait and he wanted to make sure that when the fish finally got the bait down that we would be able to drag the fish away from the wreck before it got a chance to get us back into the wreck.
Sure enough as we pulled away from the wreck the rod bent over and line started peeling off the reel. Cullen was supposed to reel in this fish but at first we were thinking that this one might be a little too big for him to reel in. Well he showed us and you could see by the determination in his eyes that this was his fish to catch and no one else was going to reel this one in but him.
With a little help from his dad this little guy hung in there and ended up reeling in this MONSTER Amber jack. (WAY TO GO CULLEN)
This afternoon we picked up Debbie and Paul from England, Jim and Tracy from Houston Texas, Mark from Salt Lake City and Charles from Toronto Canada.
This afternoon we went right to live bait fishing. We set out our kites with 4 live baits suspended from them and the trap was set and the wait began. We did not wait long when all of a sudden we seen a nice dolphin fish eating one of our kite baits. Ok no problem right? All of a sudden Captain Jay Jay started yelling at me go ahead with the boat and fast!!
I never seen this one coming but we now had another BIG dolphin eating one of our long kite baits. Both rods bent over and line started peeling off of both reels at the same time.
Jay Jay got Debbie in one chair and Jim in the other and the fight was on. It took Jim a good 10 minutes to get his fish within gaffing range but once he did Jay Jay reached out there and gaffed the fish perfect and went to throw him in the fish box but missed. Now we had one pissed of big Bull Dolphin all over the deck going NUTS and Debbie's fish was getting closer by the minuet. No time to waist Jay Jay reached out and gaffed Debbie's fish and this one went right in the box.
(WAY TO GO Debbie and Jim)
Debbie your fish weighed 21 pounds and Jim yours was 26 pounds.
Thanks again to everyone today for a fun great day of fishing.
OK all you guys and girls up there in the North East get the HECK OUT OF THE COLD and get down here to SUNNY SOUTH FLORIDA and let's get you HOOKED UP
Captain Taco (954)764-4344 or toll free at (877) SEA-4344

Feb 19
Ok now we remember the T V show the golden Girls well these are the Golden Boys from Lauderdale. Well start out with the youngest and the biggest trouble maker in the bunch. We've got Allen from as he clams right here in Fort Lauderdale Florida (however due to the way he seeks I would guess he is from way up in north Florida somewhere around NY) but that is just my guess. Second we have Herb also clams to be from Fort Lauderdale but Herb seems to let Allen get him in all kinds of trouble so once again I just don't know for sure where Herb is from. Than we've got Joe from Boston and Toney from Malvern PA. Throw in some BEER a boat some fishing rods and a little bait and you have the perfect formula for TROUBLE.
I knew it was going to be a long day when Allen started our day out by saying that we had to salt the water to catch fish. He then threw a $100 dollar bill over board.
Back to the fishing; we went trolling down the reef because we knew we were going to have to get some good eating fish in the boat for this crowd. However the kingfish just were not biting very well. We ended up catching one. Than we did some deep drops on a few ship wrecks hopping to maybe catch a grouper or some snappers? Once again NO LUCK. Ok off shore we go hopping we can find some dolphin fish (RATS) no luck and by this point we were out of time. But I had one more bottom spot I wanted to try and YES we finally found them. Nice size snappers. Sorry about getting you guys in so late but no one seemed to mind.

Click to Enlarge Photo

Guy's thanks again for a very special morning of fishing and enjoy dinner see you guys again in the next couple of Months.
Captain Taco (954)764-4344
Feb 21
Today we spent the day fishing with Karl, Steve, Phil, George, Kevin and Cathy all from Baltimore.
We started out our day trolling down the reef looking for some kingfish and or some bonitos. We had trolled all the way to North Miami and caught some kingfish. Once we got to where we wanted to fish for Big Game we brought in all of our trolling gear and set out a couple of kites with four live baits suspended from them. Things started out pretty good when we had caught a dolphin fish right off the bat and we also seen a boat fighting a sailfish.
We felt sure that we would get our shot at a sail or two. We finally got our shot at a sailfish but as we were letting him swam away with the bait I could see that the fish was shaking his head and I knew that he knew something was not right. We went ahead and tried to get a hook in him but sorry to say that he came up jumping and spit the hook on us.
We stuck it out as long as we could but I really wanted a shot at trolling off shore to try to see if we could find some dolphin fish.
So we brought in all the live baits and started trolling our way back. We did find one more dolphin and we also got a nice black fin Tuna.
These guys drank more beer than I've seen a charter drink in a long time and they had a ball. After the trip I was talking to them saying that I wish fishing had been a little better. Much to my surprise they all said (what are you talking about) they let me know how cold it was back home and they just had the time of their lives.
Guys thanks again for all the laughs and looking forward to fishing you guys again next year.
Captain Taco (954)764-4344
Feb 25
Today we had a couple of our regular customers/friends from Canada Scott and Sal they had a few of their good friends down from Canada John and his dad John they also had HAIRY CHEST Edison and the NIGHT RIDER Mike.
Trust me when I say this is one FUN group to spend the day fishing with. It all started off trying to get all the beer on the boat. Getting it off the boat was not a problem because I don't think any was left except the case they brought for me. (Thanks again guys for the beer)
We got out into the ocean and we all decided to go right after BIG GAME. Last time Scott and Sal fishing with us we had caught them a couple of big golden amber jacks and this time they wanted to fight a big shark or sailfish.
While we never did see any sharks or sails a couple of their guests did get to catch a couple of real nice dolphin fish for their fish fry tonight.
Sal Scott we are looking forward to seeing you guys by the end of March.
BIG SHARK I promise.
For a better look at these dolphin go to photo gallery # 6
Ok all you snow birds the weather is great down here in Sunny South Florida and we've got spring right around the corner and spring time in South Florida means GREAT FISHING. Get on down here.
Captain Taco (954)764-4344 or toll free (877) SEA-4344
Feb 26
Today we had a group of guys from the USI insurance company out for a day of deep sea fishing off the coast of Fort Lauderdale. We had Howard, Randy, Jose and David all from down here in South Florida.
We started out trolling the reef looking for some king fish and bonitos when after a while of fishing we noticed that one of the guys really must have wanted to catch some fish real bad because it looked as though he was praying over the side of the boat to the fish gods.
As it turned out if David was praying it was not fish he was praying for it was for a ride back to shore. (LOL)
So we went ahead and gave David a ride back to the dock and headed back out for our fishing trip. There was not much biting on the reef so Captain Jay Jay decided to set out a couple of kite with some live bait suspended from them. It turned out to be the right thing to do. They ended up catching a 20 plus pound king fish out of the kite on a monofilament leader. Talk about luck this fish was hooked right in the corner of the mouth and if he would have shaken his head one time he could have cut thru the leader as if was hot butter.
We also ended up catching a nice dolphin fish. And at the end of the day we ended up with the biggest fish out of all four boats they had chartered.
Thanks again guys and looking forward to fishing with you again next year.
Captain Taco (954)764-4344
Feb 27
Today we had Forrest and his wife Sandra from Alberta Canada out for a few hours of deep sea fishing. They had just gotten back from a two week cruse threw the south Caribbean and had one more day here in South Florida before heading back home.
Both Forrest and his wife do quite a bit of hunting back home and Forrest really wanted a shot at catching something big.
So we set our kite out with our live baits suspended from them and we also set out a couple of shark baits trying to better our odds at seeing something big.
We never did see any sails or sharks but Forrest did catch a couple of BIG dolphin fish. One weighed 18 pounds and the bigger of the two weighed 28 pounds.

Click to Enlarge Photo

Thanks again guys.
Captain Taco (954)764-4344 or toll free (988) SEA-4344
Feb 28
Today we had our good friend and old customer the one and only Pete Pillone and his mom Barbra out for a few hours of deep sea fishing. Our target today is eating fish.
We went 8 miles off shore trying to find some dolphin fish. We trolled for over two hours without a bite. Ok time to change plans. We decided on bottom fishing while it may not be the most exciting fishing if they were biting we would catch some fish for the table. (THEY WERE)
We ended up catching more than enough snappers.
Pete thanks again and we'll see ya soon.
Well that wraps up February 2009 and I must come clean and say that while we did have some good days of fishing we did have some not so good days also. To all of our customers we do hope you take advantage of our offer to you on your next trip and we are looking forward to fishing with all of you again soon.
Here comes March again and that means BIG DOLPHIN and LOTS OF BIG SHARKS so give us a call and hang on for the time of your life deep sea fishing this spring aboard the HOOKED UP.
Thanks again for reading our fishing reports and stay tuned for some of the best fishing here in
Sunny South Florida the next few months.
Captain Taco (954)764-4344 or toll free at (877) SEA-4344

Target Species:

Sailfish snappers.dolphinfish ECT

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Hi my name is Taco and I run one of the best charter fishing boats down here in South Florida. WHY? Because Iíve been fishing the waters down here since 1969 and I started at the bottom and worked my way up the ladder. I know what it is like to read a web site and than once you get to boat things are not as you thought they would be. Not here I say it like it is. No surprises. Iíve got a 45 foot Hatteras with a big cock pit. Fully aircondishened and refrigerated. Big comfortable platform.

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