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Fishing Fort Lauderdale Nov 19 through 27 aboard Hooked Up

Capt. Taco Perez
November 30, 2010
Fort Lauderdale - Saltwater Fishing Report

Nov 19
Today we only had one guy who chartered the boat by himself maybe he knew something we did not but MAN did Geno from Minnesota ever get his money's worth.
We stopped by the live bait boat and picked up a dozen live goggles and went right to kite fishing.
Ok the trap was set and from there it only took a few min till our first bite or should I say our first 3 bites. That's right we had 3 sail fish pop up @ the same time.
Geno jumped in the chair while 2 out of the 3 sailfish got hooked. Talk about an exciting fishing trip Geno ended up catching 4 out of 10 shots @ sail fish all by himself.
Geno thanks again for a fun fishing trip aboard the Hooked Up.

As we got back to the dock we had our afternoon trip waiting for us. We had Marshall, Rick and Dennis all from Fort Mayors Florida eager to give luck a shot @ some deep-sea fishing aboard the Hooked up off the coast of South Florida.
We knew that the sailfish were biting so once again we went right to kite fishing in about 150 feet of water with our 2 kites flying and 4 live baits suspended from the kites.

And shore enough the sails were still there and hungry.
We ended up catching 2 out of 5 shots we had on sails. With Rick landing one monster 87-inch sailfish.
All of our sails were released and swam away in great shape.
Once again I would like to thank all of our anglers today for fishing aboard the Hooked Up off the coast of Ft Lauderdale Florida.

Captain Taco (954) 764-4344 or toll free at (877) SEA-4344

Nov 20

Today we had Alexis and her friend Kelly from Dallas Texas.

I'm sorry to say that today we did not have that good north current like we have had the last couple days and the sailfish just turned off for us.
But we did manage to catch Alexis a big golden amber jack on one of the wrecks.

Alexis we are looking forward to fishing with you again on the 10th of December and we WILL make it up to you.

Thanks again Captain Taco (954) 764-4344 or toll free at (877) SEA-4344

Nov 24
Today we had Madison, Haley and Jay all from St Louis out for a few hours of deep-sea fishing aboard Hooked Up.
We went right for kite fishing since the kingfish and bonitos have just stopped biting the last few days.
I must admit fishing was slow today but all of a sudden I seen a fin flying threw the water going after our left short kite bait. It only took a matter of seconds till this rocket ship of a fish grabbed the bait and we were Hooked Up.

Haley jumped in the chair and the fight was on. It was a back and forth tug a war for a good 15 min and to tell you the truth we had no idea what kind of fish we had on.
Once Haley got the fish in close enough for us to get a good look at him I could not believe what I was looking at. It was a black tip shark. BUT not just a black tip this thing was a monster black tip. I've never seen one this big. It was every bit of 6 foot long and as far as black tip sharks are concerned this has to be as big as it gets.

Click to Enlarge Photo

Guy's thanks again for fishing aboard the Hooked up and once again sorry the fishing was not a bit better.

Captain Taco (954) 764-4344 or toll free (877) SEA-4344

Nov 25

Today we had Alex and his wife Marry and their 2 children Nicolis and Andres all from Venezuela now living in Westin South Florida.
Today seeing that it was Thanks Giving Day we were only going to run 1 trip so we wanted to make the most out of it.
As Alex got on board we were talking a bit about the fishing and what might be available for us to catch today.
I had already talked to a few of the boats that were out there fishing and they had told me that we had little to no current and that fishing was very slow.
I was explaining this to Alex and he said that was fine all they really wanted to catch was a dolphin fish for dinner and a sailfish and they would be happy with that.
Well having said that I felt it was important that I let Alex know that when I was a kid I wanted a pony but all I got was a dog. (LOL)

I knew that it was a slim chance of catching ether one of these today the fishing reports on the radio sounded BAD.
But all the same we went out to about 170 feet of water and set out both of our kites with 4 live baits suspended from them and hoped for the best.

All of a sudden I noticed our right long kite bait was just walking away. I never seen a fish or a splash or anything but there had to be something on the other end.

Captain J.J. picked up the rod and just started reeling on it to see if he could get the bait back under the kite when BAM a dolphin fish came out of the water jumping all over the place. I could not believe this everyone had already been fishing 2 hours before we got out there at 10:00 am and none had much to show for it and within 5 min we had a nice dolphin on the line.
Andres jumped in the chair and the fight was on. It took about 7 to 10 min and BAM we had a dolphin in the box.

Ok we were half way there and to tell you the truth I was pretty happy about that. All of a sudden here comes this big sailfish after our right long kite bait and before I knew it he was dancing all over the surface with one of our hooks in his mouth.

This time Nicolis got in the chair and the fight was on. This fish took out so much line that after a good 15 min Alex jumped in to give his son a hand.
10 min later there he was next to the boat. After some hand shaking and some high fiving Alex looked at us and said mission accomplished and called it a day.
Today Turkey and dolphin would be had by all.

Click to Enlarge Photo

Alex thanks again and we're looking forward to fishing with you guys again soon.
Captain Taco (954) 764-4344 or toll free (877) SEA-4344

Nov 26
Today we had Rob, Loran and Joe all from Ohio and Chuck from Jupiter Florida
We started out kite fishing with little to no bites to speak of when all of a sudden a small king fish ate one of our kite baits. Loran jumped in the chair and the fight was on. Truth be told I did go ahead a little bit with the boat just to keep this little kingfish from getting under the boat but I was more concerned with keeping the other 3 kite baits under the kite and trying not to drag them around too much when Captain Greg reached down and gaffed what we thought was a little kingfish turned out that when he flipped him into the boat and we all seen this 18 pound Wahoo hit the deck no one was more surprised than me.

Holly cow talk about a lucky catch!!

After anther couple hours of no bites we brought in all the kite fishing gear and set out some trolling baits.
We had drifted so far to the south that I was trolling about 7 knots an hour just trying to get back toward home when all of a sudden our wire line bent over and we were Hooked Up again.
This time Chuck jumped in the chair and in came anther Wahoo.

LUCK HELL YES but we'll take it any way we can get it.

Click to Enlarge Photo

We ended up with a couple of 18 to 20 pound Wahoo's and one 15-pound kingfish.
Guys' thanks again for your patience and hope you guys enjoy dinner.

Captain Taco (954) 764-4344 or toll free (877) SEA-4344
Nov 27

Today we had our regular customer/friend the one and only Pete Pillone on board along with his mom, 2 sisters and their good friends Michael and Kerri from New York and Georgia.

Fishing was once again on the slow side by the nice thing about this trip was that it was not all just about the fishing but about good friends and family getting together over the Thanks Giving holidays.
But we did manage to catch a couple of dolphin fish for mom along with a few bottom fish.
Pete as always thanks and will see you again soon.
Captain Taco (954) 764-4344 or toll free (877) SEA-4344

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Hi my name is Taco and I run one of the best charter fishing boats down here in South Florida. WHY? Because Iíve been fishing the waters down here since 1969 and I started at the bottom and worked my way up the ladder. I know what it is like to read a web site and than once you get to boat things are not as you thought they would be. Not here I say it like it is. No surprises. Iíve got a 45 foot Hatteras with a big cock pit. Fully aircondishened and refrigerated. Big comfortable platform.

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