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Fishing in the Dark

Capt. Mike Locklear
October 12, 2016
Homosassa - Saltwater Fishing Report

I have been on the hill(land not water) too long. About 2 weeks. When I am writing, I've decided to let you have it raw. Maybe something here will be entertaining or you might learn something from my decades on the water. So there is not a theme, or maybe there is. My point is not to hit backspace too much. So here is what is on my mind with you in mind.

There are some factors to consider when targeting different species of fish. Considering you have a boat and tackle. Some say beer, too. But water for sure. You are well on you way to catching a fish. There are several types of skiffs and rods/reels. This sounds like Fishing 101 so far. Well, in a way, it is and I will write more about it as sharing my knowledge gives me great satisfaction.

If I was to head out this morning, I would be happy except(for me anyways) for the northeast wind blowing 15 knots. I hate it. What a negative attitude. It's just, well, the tides are very negative hence low. Plus high pressure over 30.00 gives me another excuse for lockjaw. No one likes to hear this anymore than a person telling you how bad they feel after asking them how are they doing.

I am not reading back for this article, so if I repeat myself, it is important or just senile:-) I've got things to do like mowing grass which I don't like. Anyway, I am thankful that I have a yard and a lake/pond behind my house. Yesterday before daylight, I was chomping at the bit to cast my new reel. It was ready, brand new line and a mirrolure.

So it is pitch black and I make my first cast. A frickin knot forms from the reel and i hear it going through the rod tip. Damn it! I reel it in of course checking to see if the knot comes out. No such luck. I go back inside where I have six bright lights over my pool table and commence to undo the knot. After 10 minutes of pulling each loop and then yanking on it, the knot came out.

I am really mad at myself for letting this know-it-all put my line on my new reel. I instructed him to not fill it to the top and leave a quarter inch exposed from the rim. I never fill them up he says. Someone once asked my good friend Vic Dunaway how much line to you put on a reel. He had a crowd listening and he said your fill the reel spool, cast it out and when that knot forms, cut your line right there. That's the right amount he said.

So, it is still dark, and as I begin to go outside my mirrolure got hung up in the carpet. So, I am jerking on it thinking what else is going to happen. Well, it might go in my hand hook embedded. First I tried pliers to no avail, it was buried. No room to bend down the barb. Ah...scissors I thought. After I damaged my huge pool table rugh, I decided to head back out to the pond.

That was a mistake. I cast my line out the second time and I heard it hit a limb. I pulled easily at first then I began yanking on it hard. I knew from experience the lure may shoot out at me. So, after a good while, I decided to wait on daylight. I let the rod lay.

Now I had another rod rigged with a mirrolure too. I had already made a few cast with it. The middle of the pond has less obstructions. I have caught numerous bass and one snapper turtle in the past. Plus one alligator struck my surface lure. That was a hoot but short lived.

Back on the river, with weather like it is today, I don't mind being on the hill. I never liked taking my clients money when nothing bites. Of course, there's not a bad day of fishing they say. Bull Butter.

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