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Homosassa 12-pound Redfish flatters Hook!

Capt. Mike Locklear
April 5, 2011
Homosassa - Saltwater Fishing Report

The morning air was crisp for Brian Hooks and friends Craig and Ryan all of Atlanta. It was Brian's and Craig's third year fishing Homosassa and Ryan's first. They stayed at Riverside resort to watch the river and the Big Four basketball tournaments, NASCAR and play a little poker. But fishing was the main reason for their return.

The ride out was spotted with wildlife. First Ospreys and Egrets then later, a few dolphin popped up. White pelicans dotted the sky at times as did a few loons as we traveled to 8 miles offshore to our fishing destination in about six feet of water.

We are in the open gulf and the waves and wind are near perfect for drifting the open waters. The first couple of hours were spent laughing mostly at Ryan and later Craig. Seems Ryan's casting was less than good and Craig was tangling his line every 10th cast. Some "hit them on the head" cast from Ryan produced laughs from Brian every time!

Trying to instruct those two guys just did not help at first. Ryan began catching on and developed his own style to get the jig out there, so to catch some keepers.

Later that morning several trout, rockbass, ladyfish, bluefish, and mackerel were came to the boat and the keepers were put into the ice chest. At noon, we ate lunch. Cuban sandwiches made fresh from Publix that really hit the spot. Man, their breads are so good and pressing the sandwich gives the meats a moist inside while the bread becomes crunchy.

As we ate, I drove inshore to find some redfish. We tried for a couple of hours and spotting redfish were nil except for one redfish of about 28-inches. He was not interested in staying around for a bite.

Then after a couple more spots Craig spotted a redfish in about 3 feet of water. It was a huge one. The red tried to eat Craig's bait but missed and brushed to cork with its side.

Brian laid the right cast in front of the cruising red and while meandering, the redfish inhaled a piece of ladyfish skin the size of a potato chip. No meat, just skin that big redfish ate in living color in front of us all within 20 feet from the boat. The fight was on and Brian played the big red perfectly to the net with Craig scooping it up.

Click to Enlarge Photo

The camera was in my hand for a quick picture as it was plain to see by the size of this fish it was way too big for the 27-inch size. I estimated 32-inches as the redfish was in no mood to be measured. That red was the biggest this year, around 12-pounds.

Click to Enlarge Photo

Back at the dock the guys said they landed a total of 45 fish included every small or keeper size. The next day was more productive except no redfish. The trout were running between 17-19 inches. Mackerel were hitting some as were the bluefish.

I landed a 40-inch houndfish early the second day and this fish looks like a giants gar except way more pretty with its silver sides and green back. The beak or bill on its mouth is full of teeth. These fish are great sport, jumping and tail walking all while shaking the bill. This fish was about big around as a tennis ball.

This was one of the most fun-fishing trips, because the guys were excited about every fish even if they were small. Looking forward to next year guys!

Homosassa Fishing Forecast:

Trout and mackerel will continue to hold the spotlight in April, but look for cobia and tarpon along with schools of redfish to pick up in the next few weeks especially in May.

Target Species:

trout redfish cobia tarpon

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