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Tampa Bay to Apalachicola

Capt. Mike Locklear
October 3, 2010
Homosassa - Saltwater Fishing Report

My personal weather forecast from TBO.coms Brooks Garner e-mail headlined today as gorgeous, and tomorrow as fantastic. He says if you like today, you will love tomorrow. Well, I did not like today and tomorrow I will probably hate the weather more! Why? Because if you are fishing with a hook and line, fish don't like to eat with such a weather change.

Now that is not everyone, that is just me talking the talk. Brooks Garner is absolutely correct when he mentioned the humidity will be not noticeable and we might need a jacket to wear out this week as the wind forecast is from the north most of the week at 15-20 knots.

My good friend and guide buddy, Capt. Jim Long was out today and by lunch he only had one trout in the box. Man does this sound like lockjaw city? I failed to call him to see how the afternoon fared. He did his usual goodbye by saying, "I got to go" (to net a fish).

We do have one thing in our favor this week, the new moon is approaching and that could override the high pressure system and at least the redfish might like to chew if you can drag a tasty critter in front of its nose, like a live shrimp. The pinfish will scurry into the deeper holes from the flats and some will move closer into the river. Hmm....what does that mean? Maybe some trout and redfish will come in closer to the creek mouths as well.

After 35 years fishing, I can say that fish are much like people. They do not eat as well when they are cold all of a sudden and there is not any hot chocolate in the water they can passify themselves with! They will be on the move and possibly a wave of trout will come up on the flats with this new moon later this week.

One thing is for sure, bluefish and sheepshead do not care how cold it gets. Spanish mackerel will move south from the panhandle and so will Kingfish. So depending what your quarry is, the gags and red grouper should move closer in, especially as November comes into play.

Some would say that a high pressure system pushes the atmosphere down onto the water and finicky fish like spotted seatrout don't like that either. I have heard and quoted many times, when the wind is from the north stay in port.

Well folks, not me, I am going out on a charter tomorrow and Tuesday. I would say that my work is cut out for me. Today, I finished my live well system to accommodate any type of finfish but not shrimp (yet). I have a fresh stream of aerated sea water pumping in from the bottom and a one -inch drain near the top. The system works well but I had to install a check valve so the water does not drain out from the bottom input source. Trial and error is the only method I know when I do the work. Man, that was some project but after a trip to Home Depot, I found what I needed.

And my Lowrance HD-5 was successfully installed on my Carolina skiff. The summer Bimini has been taken off and stored for the winter. I am really looking forward to some cooler weather.
There sure is a lot of work going into getting ready for a charter.

My tackle box will include some D.O.A. glow shrimp and a few deep jigs. I'll buy a few live shrimp and catch some live bait for my newly plumbed live well. One thing is for sure, there will not be any clouds tomorrow and the sun is still fairly high in the sky, so I will be sight fishing the shallow flats for redfish as they are the least affected by barometer.

Can't agree more about how fantastic and gorgeous the weather will be this week. But I think I would rather be playing tennis or watching a Friday night football game. Will see.

"If you are too busy to go fishing, well you are just too busy!" quoted by Capt. Wilson Hubbard.

Tight lines,

Capt. Mike Locklear

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