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Capt. Dave Sipler
May 3, 2013
Jacksonville - Saltwater Fishing Report

As I sit here writing this report. It's been raining for 3 days with gusting winds to 40 KNOTS,
in J-ville.

Myself and a customer from Georgia cancelled a trip for yesterday, and then I had visitors from the great white north today, so we pushed today's charter to Sunday, in hopes of less rain and winds. Of course as per reading the NWS forecast. (which could be correct, or just the opposite.)

But, I'm not complaining. Because this time of year I want to see lots and lots of rain.

If you know the St. Johns River, than you know it's not really a river at all. Especially where I fish. It's just a big long skinny salty bay, with lots of ship traffic on some days.

And as a TROUT tracker during the spring through out the summer months, the less "wet" it is. The harder it is to keep track of those big fatty spawning GATOR Trout.

So when we get "FEET" of rain in the area. It has to go somewhere, besides down in the ground. And it ends up in the tributaries and eventually in the river. Making the water's I fish this time of a tad less saltier.

And that's a good thing!

Because we all should know that spring and summer months in NE Florida is when the Trout spawn. And a healthy population of them want X parts of salt and X parts of fresh water to spawn in...according to everything I have studied. And the reason in areas like Lake Pontchartrain Louisiana is a Trout Mecca, because the salinity is low. Lower than the Gulf of Mexico waters.

Plus, the bait fish and shrimp seek the same waters with lower salinity, so of course the trout follow.

In the St. Johns River "we", avid water watchers can just look at the color of the river water and tell if it's right.

You get away from the inlet and if the water color is like Tea colored, with a tinge of yellow in it, that's the right water. If it's looking like Coka-Cola or just muddy.....KEEP LOOKING!

This not only goes for Trout, but for many other species like Reds and Flounder also.

But Trout and B-I-G Gator Trout is my concern and what keeps me up at night.

Here's some proof...because I always say; "NO PROOF NO GLORY."

Last year after Tropical Storm Buryl & Debby, dumping back to back huge amounts of rain on the area. It took awhile for that sweet water to start to make an effect, but when it did. I was hooked into some serious GATORS for weeks and weeks.


And then there's this almost every cast Big Trout:
BIG LURE...Larry Dahlbergs WIDE-GLIDE by River2Sea.

Max 2 persons for best real Trackin Gator days. No party boat fishing, but rather serious trout Tracking: www.captdaves.com

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Jacksonville Fishing Forecast:

Check my daily reports and keep up with the status. DO, you due diligence!!

If you're serious.

My reports link are on my website under top banner.

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Inshore fishing the St. Johns River, and estuaries around Jacksonville, Florida provides year round opportunities for Redfish, Speckled Trout, Flounder, Black Drum, and Sheepshead to name just a few. Plus, seasonal favorites such as Shark, Tripletail and Pompano. The legendary Mayport Jetties are mile long piles of huge granite boulders that protect the inlet to the St. Johns River from the Atlantic Ocean. Around these jetties is some of the best and most consistent fishing.

Contact Info:

Capt Dave Sipler's Sport Fishing
Departing from:
4870 Ocean St.
Mayport, FL 32223
Phone: 904-642-9546
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