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Fishing, Not Just A Sport

Capt. Pier Milito
July 19, 2012
Miami - Saltwater Fishing Report

For many fisherman, fishing is not just a sport, it's also a life style. The life style of the fisherman can be affected mildly or severely depending on the level of seriousness and involvement within the sport. Think about it...., for those that have chosen to make fishing a career, it affects many or all the aspects of that person's life. Let's start with the material and tangible things in life. It affects the kind of vehicle they drive, the clothes they wear, where they live, the decor within their home, the sunglasses they wear and the list goes on. You can see that most every aspect of that person's life is affected by the sport we call fishing, and therefore causing the life style of fishing. I believe most would agree that the fishermen of the world are people whom appreciate and enjoy the outdoors and all that nature has to offer. Let's keep in mind that fisherman live all over the world, not just in south Florida. This means that the fishing life style is one that occurs all over the world, and not just in Florida. This means that the sport we call fishing, which causes different levels of "fishing life styles" all over the world, has a potential impact on the economy worldwide. We must continue the trend to protect our natural resources, keeping in mind that we protect them in order to ensure that we, and future generations can enjoy them. It is a fine line that divides the protecting and the prohibiting.

Although conservation officially surfaced in the United Stated as early as 1871 when a bearded, cigar smoking President Grant signed the U. S. Fish Commission into existence to help manage the fish populations within the fresh water lakes of the U.S., it wasn't until the mid-1900's that conservation started to become mainstream. Prior to the mid 1900's, most, if not all of the fish that were hooked and landed were killed even if they were not going to be eaten or harvested in anyway. Anglers simply wanted a picture with all of their dead prizes. As times evolve and the number of anglers worldwide increases, we are becoming educated through conservation efforts provided by some of the great organizations like the IGFA, Take Me Fishing, Coastal Conservation Association, American Fisheries Society, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, My FWC and many others, we have realized that protecting our fisheries has allowed us to enjoy them.

Let's protect and not prohibit.

Flamingo Fishing Report
Incoming and falling tides on the flats this time of year, will produce bonefish, redfish and snook. Coordinating these tidal movements with water temperatures will yield very good results. The use of live or cut bait, artificials or flies are all productive methods for fishing in the month of August. On calm days, the stealthy approach on the skinny waters using a fly will yield better results.

Capt. Pier Milito
Founder, Owner & Operator

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Captain guides in waters he's been fishing longer than most have been alive and has been guiding professionally for longer than most. Happy customers all over the world doesn't happen over night. It happens with hard work, experience and good fishing day in and day out. Fish Islamorada/Florida Keys, Miami/Biscayne Bay or Flamingo Everglades National Park. Fly and/or light tackle, inshore and/or offshore. National and International all inclusive fishing excursions also available.

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Fishing Adventure Charters
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