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October Capt. Pier Milito

Capt. Pier Milito
September 21, 2012
Miami - Saltwater Fishing Report

Knowledge is power, even in fishing
by Capt. Pier Milito

In the business world, most that have reached success over their competitors, have a few things in common. I think we can all start by agreeing the basics. Most, if not all, of those that have succeeded, knew their business inside out. They knew or know what works, what doesn't work, what sells, what doesn't sell and they know what, when, why and how. Last but certainly not the least important aspect to successful business people, is that these successful business owners also studied and knew their competition. They knew or know what, when, why and how their competitors do business.

Why am I telling you about successful business owners…when I should be telling you something about fishing…?

There is a very important correlation here between successful business owners and successful fisherman. A successful fisherman, most would agree, is a person whom is successful at catching their targeted specie most or all of the time.

Successful fisherman are much like successful business owners. In order to be a successful fisherman you must do as successful business owners have done. Treat the fish as your competitors, prepare yourself with knowledge about the targeted specie that will enable you to not just fish, but catch the competitor.

Know what when, why and how fish eat and behave. Know that fish have different temperaments, different feeding habits, different strengths and weaknesses, different favorite habitats and different fighting techniques once hooked up. Know the different diets for each of the targeted species. Know that some species prefer to chase their food down and will only feed as the bait is trying to get away. Know that some species prefer to feed off of the bottom on either dead or slow moving baits. Know how different water temperature and currents/tides affect the targeted specie in the locations in which they will place themselves and the way their feeding habits change as it gets colder or hotter. Know the different water temperature each prefer, the different water clarities, the different salt water vs. brackish content the targeted specie prefers. Understanding some or all of this will make you a successful fisherman.

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Flamingo Fishing Report

As I fish Islamorada and the South Florida region year round, I can tell you that the temperature of both the air and water have a wide range. In the winter time the water & air temperatures can plummet to a shivering +/- 50 degrees Fahrenheit and in the summer time I have seen water temperatures of over 100 degree Fahrenheit.

As the summer heat is turned up here in South Florida and The Florida Keys, the water temperatures will rise along with the hot air temperatures and the opposite occurs during the winter months. Remember that the shallower the water column is, the quicker it is affected by the changing ambient temperatures.

As October approaches and we slowly leave the heat of the summer months behind, cooler ambient temperatures will slowly begin to affect the shallow waters of the flats and backcountry. During the fall months you can expect an increase in the length of time in which you can target many of the shallow water species, I call this opportunity time the "window of opportunity." Because of milder ambient temperatures, the shallow waters will have a smaller range in water temperatures, keeping the water temperatures at a comfortable lever for a longer period of time which in turn keeps the fish up on the flats and shallow water longer as they feed, allowing us the anglers to see and fish for them longer each day. Expect the bonefish, permit, snook and redfish to be active during the fall months.

For more information please feel free in contacting me direct via E-mail or phone. Please feel free in contacting me direct with any questions and/or comments, I always enjoy hearing from you.



Finding a watch that looks great, withstands my abuse, water depth tested to 200M/660 feet, protected by the only unconditional warranty in the watch industry and affordable is very difficult to find until now. As a professional fishing guide I'm always around or in the water, running boats and trucks, fishing rods, tackle, fighting monster fish like shark and tarpon and I‘m here to tell you that the REACTOR watches are holding up and looking great. Check them out on the web and as always if you have any questions about any of the TACKLE STATION featured products or services please feel free in contacting me direct by phone or E-mail for more information.

The Captain fishes Miami/Biscayne Bay, Islamorada/Upper Keys, Flamingo/Florida Bay and Everglades National Park. Capt. Pier Milito is an IGFA Certified Captain; he is a member of the Florida Guides Association, CCA and a professional fishing guide for the Redbone Celebrity Fishing Tournament Series. He does tournament and fun fishing, but most importantly and loves his job. If you wish to book a trip with a "Top Guide" who's been in the business for many years and has seen many others come and go, call him at 786-295-4466 or E-mail him at [email protected]

The Captain is sponsored by, but not limited to:
Mercury Marine, Glacier Gloves, Stiffy Push Poles, Yeti Coolers, Galvan fly reels, Accurate offshore reels, Quantum spinning rods & reels, South Dade Outfitters, Noble Embroidery, Odyssey batteries, Smith Optics Sunglasses, Sol Sunguard, D.O.A. baits, Spike It soft baits, Wave soft baits, Bass Assassin Baits, Gamma/Frog Hair fluorocarbon and leader materials, Owner hooks, Power Pro braided lines, RMR Industries Line & Lure conditioners and BTS, Van Staal pliers and many more.

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Captain guides in waters he's been fishing longer than most have been alive and has been guiding professionally for longer than most. Happy customers all over the world doesn't happen over night. It happens with hard work, experience and good fishing day in and day out. Fish Islamorada/Florida Keys, Miami/Biscayne Bay or Flamingo Everglades National Park. Fly and/or light tackle, inshore and/or offshore. National and International all inclusive fishing excursions also available.

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Fishing Adventure Charters
P.O. Box 823644
South Florida, FL 33082
Phone: 786-295-4466
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