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Spanish (mackerel) Invade the Beaches!

Capt. John Kumiski
October 26, 2010
Orlando - Saltwater Fishing Report

Orlando Area Fishing Report from Spotted Tail 10/24/10

It has come to my attention that this report could better serve the needs of my readers. From now on it will include at least two or three tips (sometimes with click-throughs) to help you with your own fishing. Some will be generic. Some will be season or location specific. But all have the goal of improving your skill set.

Fishing Fundamentals- tying the lure to the leader
Use one of two knots to tie your hook or lure to your leader. Use the first, the clinch knot (http://killroys.com/knots/clinch-knot/), when you're using a relatively thin leader, less than 15 pound test.
Use the other, the no-name loop (www.flyfishlouisiana.com/nonslip_loop_knot.htm), when using heavier leaders. The loop allows the fly or lure to swing and sway freely, unaffected by the stiffness of the leader.
Hopefully this little tip will lead to a few more fish for you this year.

Fishing itself, ah yes. Last week sister Cheryl visited. Neither Cheryl nor Dan (her significant other) is an angler. Wednesday we took a canoe and a kayak and paddled the Econ. The weather was spectacular. Lots of wildlife greeted us the entire way down the stream. We saw a couple bald eagles, many wading birds of various types, and numerous reptiles, both shelled and toothed.
Of course, although I didn't bring a fishing rod, I was looking for fish. We saw lots of Plecostomas. I saw some largemouth bass. What I was looking for, and did not see a lot of, were sunfish. The water was low and clear so any fish should have been visible. I just didn't see very many.

Friday I returned to the Econ with a three weight, on foot, to see if I could coerce a few fishies to take a fly. The rod had last been used for redfish and still had a redfish worm (read how to tie it here: www.spottedtail.com/FlyOfTheWeek.htm ) on it. It's tied on a #4 hook, not too big for a feisty bluegill or redbelly, although rather intimidating to a stumpknocker I would think.
Too lazy to change flies, I just used the worm. I had exactly two strikes and got one big black bluegill in about 90 minutes of wade fishing.
The day was lovely, the river gorgeous. One fish in 90 minutes was plenty for me.

Rodney Smith and I had been communicating for weeks about fishing together. Wednesday this past week we finally did. Joining us was Keith Alan, voice of the Bassmaster Weigh-In, or something like that. Our plan was to fish along the beaches. We wanted meat for the smoker.
There weren't many mullet running along the beach. We looked from Port Canaveral all the way to Satellite Beach. Periodically we'd see some fish break, ride over to them, kill the engine, and cast. By doing this we managed to get eight or ten Spanish mackerel, a dozen or so typical Florida sized bluefish, and I don't know how many ladyfish.
We mostly used 1/4 ounce jigs for bait. Rodney did pull out the fly rod for a couple ladyfish when we found a big school of them, using a sexyfly (visit this link:
www.spottedtail.com/TyingTheSlenderMinnow.htm ). Ladyfish being ladyfish they would have hit anything, I'm sure.
I was hoping for epic fishing. Didn't get it. But the weather was spectacular, I was out with an old and a new friend, the boat ran well, and we did get some meat for the smoker. I have certainly had worse days.

Fishing tip- Wire vs. Mono Leaders for Spanish mackerel
Many folks like using wire leaders when fishing for Spanish mackerel. I don't recommend wire for them. Why not? You will get fewer bites.
My recommendation is to use #30 fluorocarbon as a bite leader when fishing for Spanish. Can a Spanish go through #30? Oh yes, many times right at the strike. Will you lose lures, and fish, by using #30? Oh yes, guaranteed.
Bring plenty of extra lures, knowing you'll lose some. You'll get eight or ten bites for every one you would get using wire. Try it against a buddy using wire for a comparison test. And tight lines to you.

Embrace simplicity.

Life is great and I love my work!

Life is short- go fishing!

John Kumiski

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