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Fishing Reports by Capt. Jason Giles

5:23 PM

July 20th -23rd Panama City Beach Bay Fishing - I was off Monday due to no phone calls. I usually run two a day everday for the last 6 years in June and July. All I can say is that the BP oil scare with bad media has killed not just my season, but all the guides in this area. Yes, I have been sl more...
Capt. Jason Giles - Panama City

4:50 PM

Big Fish, Little People... - Phillip Shope brought his son Siah out to play today. We fished the start of a Neaptide. Historically neap is the longest four hr. trip you have eveer been on in your life! We got lucky. Bonito, Bonito, King, Don't know! Got completly spooled twice. more...
Capt. Jason Giles - Panama City

7:18 PM

Burning Drag, and Heating up the Reels... - I only had one trip today. I mentioned to them that the falling tide has been better so Mike Richards group waited for the afternoon. Just like clock work... the pass came alive. I'll need to replace some of my drag washers tonight. I had one real ju more...
Capt. Jason Giles - Panama City

8:03 PM

KIds Do work! - Had two trips today with the little fisher people and we did some pretty work! Tim bowers group wanted trout and we tried. Not much luck on them so we went for action. Tim cut the kids off on keeping Spanish after about seven. We caught about 40 of t more...
Capt. Jason Giles - Panama City

10:06 PM

Panama City Beach Light Tackle Kids! - My Mark Burroughs and family was a true kids trip. 4,5,and 6 year olds. I don't know if they had more fun playing with the bait, realing in skipjacks, or climbing up and down the tower. Just fun!!! For the afternoon I had Greg Schard and his two boys more...
Capt. Jason Giles - Panama City

4:28 PM

Few here, Few there. - Another tough day. Louie Parks realy didn't seem to mind. I think he just enjoyed being on the water. We experienced a really funky fish bite today. The first bait that hit the water at each spot we caught a fish and then silence, nothing, NADA! We more...
Capt. Jason Giles - Panama City

3:53 PM

Kids Fishing - I keep thinkg of a comment I made a few weeks back. The one on how I farm my fish. Well I should wacked them when I had the chance. All these BP boats have me at the end of my string. Just buzzing the flats, chewing up the grass, and killing my trout more...
Capt. Jason Giles - Panama City

9:02 PM

Panama City Beach Inshore Fishing. - To say the least inshore has been tough. With all the BP boats (vessels of opportunity)cruising around the bays in two to three foot of water. I know the fish are there. If they get buzzed buy a boat every hour they will never eat anything. Here are more...
Capt. Jason Giles - Panama City

7:27 PM

Bay Fishing - Ran two agian today again. Just the same as everyday. Trout and Reds. The first trip was was with Darrel Steal. Found a few oversized reds and good Mangrove Snappers around the Jetties. Went trout fishing after that and almost got a limit for four pe more...
Capt. Jason Giles - Panama City

2:50 PM

Panama City Beach Light Tackle... - Time off was good, but the rain has killed my last two days. I got one trip in today, Only had one booked anyway HAHAHA! Where is everyone? Last friday when before the weather kick in I took Mikes ward and family out for some Snapper fishing. We had more...
Capt. Jason Giles - Panama City

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