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Makos and Tunas...Super Strike Charters

Capt. Damon McKnight
March 21, 2013
Venice - Saltwater Fishing Report

The fishing the past several days has had its ups and downs. Two of the four days we were able to get out produced a lot of fish, the other two were OK but weather was the biggest factor that slowed the days down some. The highlight of the four days was on Friday and Saturday. Capt. Alex and Capt. Willy B had the Hayden crew down for their annual fishing trip. The weather Friday was slick calm, something we haven't seen for at least a month. The fishing started out a little slow then around noon it was wide open. Capt. Alex's crew had about a 122 lb. Mako, swim up to the boat and eat two pieces of bait. The circle hook set just right in the corner of his mouth and 45 seconds later he was in the boat. Very lucky catch. They set back up to make a Tuna drift and out of nowhere an estimated 500lb. Mako is swimming straight towards them with a 6ft. Silky Shark in its mouth. Apparently the Shark did not see the boat and swam directly into the side of it to everyone's amazement. They already had their Mako for the day so they just got some really good shots with the Go Pro underwater camera and watched him try and figure out what just happened. He eventually took off with his kill and that was that. Wish I could have seen it myself. Once again they set back up for a tuna drift and this time the Tuna came up. They were hooking one after another, most in the 70lb. range with a couple going over a 100lbs. The ended up with 8 Yellow fin, and a handful of Black fin tuna. This all went down in about 50 minutes. We were about 100 yards from them but we had no action. Capt. Alex called us over and it was immediately game on for us. We hooked a nice 60lber. and got him in the boat. Then we hooked two big boys, one was spooling us due east and the other due west. I tried moving towards the angler with the least amount of line on his real to help make up some of it but shortly after the line broke on one fish, so we chased down the other. They both ran on the surface so I knew they were big fish. Most of the big Yellow fin this time of year, for some reason, start their fight on the surface and probably about 30-50ft ft. down. After the first 10-15 minutes of this then they sound. In about 30 minutes later Mr. Rozelle put a nice 152 lb. Yellow fin in the boat. We went back to try and get on them again but that was it. Capt. Willy B fished for Wahoo and they ended up with 3 big Wahoo on the day. On Saturday Capt. Willy B and the Hayden crew went back after the Yellowfin and managed 3 good ones in the 65-70lb. range, 7 blackfin, and 3 Amberjack. Capt. Alex went grouper fishing and ended with a limit of Jacks and 1 65lb. Warsaw Grouper. So the fishing has been very good lately, though the weather has been tough to predict. We have had strong south winds followed by strong cold fronts which has been keeping us at the dock more than we have been able to get out for sure. The good news is we are starting to move into spring and the weather should, I say should, start to cooperate more but we will see. The fishing will be good regardless, you just have to be able to get out to them.

Capt. Damon McKnight
Super Strike Charters

[email protected]

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Offshore fishing for Tuna, Marlin, Dolphin, Wahoo, and many other species. As seen on ESPN Outdoors. We are located 1 hour south of New Orleans in Venice, La. at the Venice Marina

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