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Fantastic Tuna fishing

Capt. Fred Lavitman
June 1, 2010
Cape Cod Bay - Saltwater Fishing Report

Let me tell you guys that I feel trully blessed to have already landed 4 fish ...... in friggin may! whats that all about????

Today I had Fissues, Dunn, Will and my co-captain Chris as crew. We stopped at the SWC where I had gotten tight two days earlier to fing hardly any signs of life, but put the spread in anyways. One hour here and I decided to pull em up and go looking elsewhere. Stopped at the SEC to find the same conditions. OK, so I steamed off to PH where I had had fish up two days earlier.....nothing WTF???

Lines went in anyways as you cant catch fish without hooks in the water. Off in the distance Chris spotted a flock of birds that were decimating the surface, in went the lines again and we were off. Two miles later the spread was back in and we had tuna rippin up the surface all around us......and were tight. Chris works the fish for 5 minutes but the hook simply pulls...PHUUUCK.... oh well, thats fishing. they are still busting all around us as we try to weave through the dozen other knuckleheads that are working the area with us. The fish were tormenting us as they would come up and feed wrecklesley right where we had just trolled over. But if you put your time in you shall be rewarded, and were tight again. Dunn takes the rod on this one and begins working him to the boat. We were in shallow water surrounded by lobster pots and I did my best to move the through them without getting tied up, but the fish was not being cooperative and got himself into one, and all as the lobsterman who owned the pot, sat and watched. I swung AKULA back around and backed down to the pot with a sick feeling in my stomach that this was going to end in tragedy, but as we neared the buoy Dunn shouted color!! The fish had wrapped himself 15ft down from the surface and was dong circles wrapping himself tighter and tighter. Ethan grabbed hold of the line and slowly pulled the fish to the surface untill Will buttonholed him with a clean shot of the poon. 71" of beautifull tuna beating that hardtail rythym on my decks.

Man was that a hairy few minutes. All was well and we were off on the troll again. We called a few people over and watched them catch fish with us untill the life had begun to dry up. I decided to hit one more area before we headed home, and again after a few minutes with lines in the water there we were tight to tuna #3. Dunn worked this one to the boat again, and with no hindrances from anyones lobster gear we got an easy boatside release on another 68"-72" fish. I really do live for this kind of shit. The crew was awesome, all I had to do was drive my little boat all day and rock out to Bob Marley. Awesome work in the pit boys.

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