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Cabo Fishing Report, November 25

Capt. Jason Smith
November 25, 2011
Cabo San Lucas - Saltwater Fishing Report

Tuesday, November 22, 2011
Cabo Fishing Report, November 22
The right place at the right time, in the end that is what it still all comes down to. Not to spend too much time getting philosophical about it but maybe that is why fishing is so damn fun. In the end the months of preparation, charting, practicing, strategics can all mean bumpkins and the winning fish comes down to plain old luck!! I took some time to get my voice back and re group after tourney season this year. The final weeks of October have come and gone and all the triumph and heartbreak has packed up and moved on until next year, and dammit we wont change a thing!! That is the name of the game and what keeps you coming back for more. Congrats to all of this years winners and we will see you all next year.

We are back to doing what we do best, putting people on the fish! We are switching gears into the winter season and getting ready to welcome back the whales. The striped marlin are moving on down the coast from mag bay and will be gracing the golden gate in a matter of weeks. This is what cabo really became famous for is the sheer number of feeding striped marlin and sails that can be found within a short 20 minute run from the marina. The striped marlin fishery has been in recovery for the last two years following a catastrophic loss of bait fish a few years back. The numbers of mackarel, and caboitas are returning to where they used to be and water conditions are certainly optimum for attracting and holding a large number of billfish. We are gearing up with extra bait cast rods and putting into place a few new ploicies as a company regarding a second bait set to swim on every hook up in hopes of more double headers. You will go through twice as many baits and it sure keeps the mate busy, but it keeps more folks busy on the stick.

As we wait for the stripes to come on home we are keeping very busy with loads of dorado everywhere. The entire coast on the pacific side is teeming with fish, and they are hitting on anything dragged through the water. Typical numbers are in the double digits and can be accomplished in a matter of an hour or two. The back side of Gordo banks has been home of the monsters over the last week. Multiple yellowfin tuna have been landed in the 300lb plus range. The average size fish has been bettter than 50lbs and really is some of the best tuna fishing I can remember. They are chomping down live and dead baits. Get them feeding on the dead baits and as much chum as can be lined down between breaks in the wind and let the liveys out to swim and chances are you will be busy for the next two hours as you watch the fish pinwheel again and loose a couple hundred yds. of line. Thanks Tuna, for building bigger forearm muscles all over the east cape!!

To make a long story short the change in season is here, the big marlin have moved on and we are ready to start catching the billfish in numbers and fill coolers with yellowfin tuna and non stop dorado action. Bar none the best day charter fishing on the planet for the next five months. Keep your attention on the first mates in this season as the fish are everywhere it is the guys in the cockpit that make the difference in this season. You want sharp hardworking competitive guys that can cast and lay a bait like a marksman. Go fish with a gunslinger and try to keep up!!

Slippery Lizzard Sportfishing

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Whether you are a first-time fisherman or a world class angler, Slippery Lizzard Sportfishing is committed to providing an amazing fishing experience in paradise. Our philosophy is simple: we provide unparalleled service and comfort, as well as a firm commitment to catching the biggest trophy game fish. All of our boats are staffed with the most award-winning local captains and deck hands using top quality rods and tackle, all contributing to our flawless track record for customer satisfaction.

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