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Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Capt. George Landrum
November 7, 2000
Cabo San Lucas - Saltwater Fishing Report


These three fishing days belong to the Tom Rhonchetti group, consisting of Tom, his son Glenn, Glenn’s co-worker Pedro and Tom’s brother-in-law John. The day before yesterday they went out and caught lots of Dorado and now they are ready to settle down into some serious fishing. The objective is to catch a Marlin for everyone. They headed up the pacific side on the 30th, looking for a nice fish and the water started to get a little rough. They caught three Dorado on the way up to Golden Gate Banks then swung out and searched for the Marlin. Lo and Behold, that was the place to be! In short order they were hooked up to Striped Marlin and two of them weighing about 130 pounds were released. Glenn got to work one and John the other. Everyone gave John a bad time last trip when he was letting all the fish go before they got to the boat, but this one was a real catch and release! After getting everything sorted out the lures were reset and the hunt continued. It was Pedro’s turn in the chair and the next fish was a big Blue Marlin estimated at 250 pounds! It was an hour-long struggle, give and take all the way, but eventually this active fish was brought boatside for photo’s, then released unharmed. What a nice day of fishing, everyone caught something and three Marlin in one day! Now if the wind would only settle down a bit for tomorrow!

It’s the 31st and the third day of fishing for the group. The wind has been blowing all night and the guess is that the water is going to be very rough on the Pacific side. Juan lets everyone know that the fishing for Tuna has been good the last few days out at Gordo Banks and the water will probably be better there so everyone agrees to give it a try. Juan is able to get Sardines from the bait boats at the Marina entrance and off they go! It is a little while before they get there and everyone has a chance to catch up on their sleep. They had gone out to dinner at La Dolce last night and were very impressed with the service and food. Since Glenn is an Executive Chef, Pedro a Head Chef and John a former Ambassador this is about the highest praise I think a restaurant could get! Glenn was thinking about the different ways to fix the Tuna they were going to catch and everyone else was just happy the water was nice! They arrived at Gordo Banks and there were bait boils all over the place! Juan thought these fish were probably in the 15-20 pound range and got out the lighter gear, the Shimano Baitrunner with 17 pound test line, the International 12T on the Fin-nor rod with the same pound class line and the Tld-25 with 30 pound test. Tying the hooks directly to the line and using no leader, the Sardines were in the water only minutes before there were hookups! Juan chummed a few live Sardines around the boat to get the fish to show up and it worked! Well, it seemed that none of these first fish ever made it to the boat! With line screaming off the reels non-stop eventually the fish broke off and it was decided that these Tuna just “might” be a little larger than they thought! The Shimano Tiagra 50’s were brought out and once again the hooks were tied directly to the 80 pound test line and this time there was a different result. Two of these were set up and the TLD-25 was sent out again also. The bite was a bit slower but they got fish to the boat! One of these was actually caught on the TLD-25! Eventually they boated three Yellowfin Tuna over 60 pounds each and everyone except Pedro had gotten one in the boat! That’s all right, He got to fight fish and he did catch the Blue Marlin yesterday! This evening we invited everyone out to one of our favorite local restaurants, Los Venados, out in the barrio. I was not sure if they would like it because it is such a low-key place but I should not have worried! The restaurant has six plastic tables with plastic chairs, is about 30 feet long and 20 feet wide. Extremely clean and wonderful food and Margaritas! Glenn and Pedro ended up spending almost an hour talking with the owner/chef after the meal and everyone praised the food!

It’s Nov. 1st, and also the last fishing day for Tom, Glenn, Pedro and John. Everyone has caught a Marlin except for Tom, so that is the target for the day! Another Dorado would be all right also so the decision is made to head up the Pacific side again. Thank goodness the wind died down last night and the seas have calmed. Again they hook up to Dorado on the way up, catching five of nine that strike on the lures, and then they turn out to head down sea. Almost a repeat of the 30th as they start spotting tailing Striped Marlin almost right away. John gets to fight, catch then release a Marlin estimated at 150 pounds and then Tom finally gets his! It is not a big one, estimates are at around 100 pounds but now everyone has caught on this trip! Congratulations guys! We had a great time with you and hope to see you again next year again!


Carl Shepard has booked the “Fly Hooker” for four days of Marlin fishing and would really like to catch a Blue. He is an experienced angler and has caught many Marlin before and prefers the fight of the large Blue Marlin to all the others. He has booked for every other day in order to make sure that there is good weather on at least a few of them! Well, the weather is fine today and they head out in search of the targeted Blue. Again the fishing is done on the Pacific side of the cape, since that is where the majority of Marlin have been found lately. The fishing was not red hot and they worked the area around the Golden Gate Banks for the morning bite and trolled the ridge to San Jaime Banks later in the day. Two Marlin were sighted free jumping in the distance and three were sighted tailing down swell. These were all Striped Marlin but while Carl may prefer fighting Blue Marlin, is will not turn down a chance at a tune-up fight! Live bait was tossed at the three fish sighted tailing and only one was interested. The fight was short and the fish was released to fight again another day. That was it for the trip but we have high hopes for the nest trip on the “Fly Hooker”. Until then, Tight Lines from Mary, George and the “Fly Hooker” crew.


The Terry Matheson group has booked the “Fly Hooker” again and they want to catch lots of Dorado, just like they did last time! They had a special request in, “Please make sure Juan is on the boat for our trip!” No problem, Juan is still with us and loves going out! Hoping for some of the large Dorado they had been finding out towards Golden Gate Banks and with the word circulating about some debris in the water up there, they cruise all the way up and start to fish. Well, they do not find any debris and the fishing is a little slow. They do lose on large Dorado at the beginning and decide to turn towards home and look for fish on the way back, trolling on the way in. They end up getting three medium sized Dorado and a football sized Tuna on the way back and when they are about 5 miles out they had a Striped Marlin hit and jump once, then toss the hook. That was all the action for the day. The fishing was slow but no one got sick and they did get some fillets to take back. Thanks Terry and we hope the action is better on your next trip on the “Fly Hooker”!


This is the second day of fishing for Carl Shepard and the guys’ head straight out 10 mile in search of a Blue marlin. This is the are that a lot of them were found the day before. Many of the boats in the “For Pete’s Sake” charity tournament had reported sighting Blues in their spreads and the largest fish of the day for the tournament was from this area. The “Fly Hooker” worked the are thoroughly and managed to get strikes from three Striped Marlin, none of which stuck and one nice Blue, which also came off! You just never know with Marlin. Carl still has two days of Marlin hunting left so we are confident he will get a Blue before it is over! Until tomorrow, Tight Lines!

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