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Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Capt. George Landrum
November 13, 2000
Cabo San Lucas - Saltwater Fishing Report

Fly Hooker Fish Report for Nov 5-12


Today we have Corey Warner, his brother Chris and his dad Wes on board the “Fly Hooker”. Corey is a return angler with the “Fly Hooker” crew, having fished last July 7th with his friends Scotty and Rusty of Littleton, Co. On that trip they caught and released one Striped Marlin about 120 pounds, one sailfish about 80 pounds and caught and kept four very nice Dorado, between 50-60 pounds each. This time Corey was hoping to put the family into similar action! The “Fly Hooker” headed up the Pacific side and towards Golden gate Banks, the same area they had gone on July 7th. The water was a lot rougher this time than last time but they did get to the area. On the way they caught 5 Dorado. None of them were in the super-sized range like on the last trip, but they were enough to keep everyone’s hopes up. The wind kept getting stronger and they decided to turn downhill and head outside looking for Marlin. Not too long later, at about 10:30 the bridge rod went off and a Blue Marlin jumped as it felt the hook! It was a black and purple head with matching skirts that had gotten the attention of the Blue Marlin and it was time for Wes to start a battle! Wes has fished out of the Gulf Coast many times but has never been hooked up to a fish of this size! With experience and knowledge under his belt he settled into an hour-long battle with the marlin. After the one jump it was a down and dirty fight, sometimes Wes gaining line and a moment later the marlin being victorious. Using the harness and both speeds on the Shimano Tiagra Wes was able to eventually bring the fish to the boat. Then they discovered the reason the fish had jumped only once, it had struck the lure a glancing blow with its bill and had ended up with the hook in it’s eye. Deciding that the marlin would be Shark food if they let it go with one eye missing they decided instead to bring the fish in. At least it would feed some hungry people instead. Later at the main weigh-in station Wes’s Blue Marlin hit the 300-pound mark on the hanging scale. A very nice fish and the first large fish for Wes! Congratulations and we look forward to hosting the Warner’s again in the future. Until then, Tight Lines from Mary, George and the “Fly Hooker” crew!


This is the third of four days for Carl Shepard and his search for Blue Marlin. The wind has not stopped blowing all night and the water is rough but the guys decide to head to the same area that they caught the Blue Marlin the day before. There must be a reason it was in the area and maybe there will be others there for the same reasons. It wads a long and rough ride to the Banks area and fairly uneventful also. Several Striped Marlin were spotted tailing but none were interested in bait. They did get one Marlin strike on a trolled lure but the hookup was only momentary, pulling line for a few seconds. There was no luck during the rest of the downhill run, but maybe the day after tomorrow it will be a different story! Let’s hope so at least!


Joe and Lewis along with wives Dana and Jennifer have booked the “Fly Hooker” through Cabo Fishing Vacations for a day of big game sportfishing in Cabo San Lucas. The wind had not stopped blowing last night and because of the rough conditions on the Pacific side it was decided to head out towards the Gordo Banks and give the Yellowfin Tuna a try. They got sardines from the bait boats on the way out of the Marina in the morning and by 8 am were on the banks looking for fish! They found a Sailfish and ended up releasing a nice one estimated at 120 pounds after a short fight. Finally finding an area with Tuna breaking the surface they set up the light gear and went for the action! Tying the hooks directly to the line was the way to go because the fish’s eyes were so good at spotting thick line, but it also resulted in quite a few break-offs. Eventually they landed a nice 50-pound Yellowfin and it was time to head in. It was Joe and Lewis who had the luck with the fish and we hope they really enjoyed it, nice people and we would be happy to have them on the “Fly Hooker” again!


Today is the last day for Carl Shepard and his Marlin search aboard the “Fly Hooker”. Yesterday he had some luck on another boat in the same area the “Fly Hooker” had worked on his last trip. They managed to find blue water a few miles further out and he released a Blue Marlin about 200-300 pounds and a Striped Marlin, plus caught a few Dorado. With that knowledge the “Fly Hooker” headed out to the same area. Unfortunately the only fish to come to the boat today were four Dorado, and Carl said never mind those and tried to get Juan to reel them in! No doubt it would have been different if they had been Marlin, but it was not to be. They didn’t even get a Marlin strike on this trip. Sorry Carl, but we are glad we were able to at least get you into some Marlin action when you went the first two days! Good luck tomorrow!


Mike, John, Rich, Kim and Allison are from Victoria, B.C. and are in Cabo to attend a wedding. It was held last night at the Hacienda Del Mar. They said it was a great ceremony and now they were ready to go fishing! The water has much improved over the conditions of the past few days and they head straight out from the marina. They got a lot of action as they turned towards the north a bit but the wind started to pick up again and they turned back towards the Sea of Cortez. Dorado would come greyhounding in from the distance, intent on the lures being pulled through the water. It seemed as if most of them were so intent on the lures that they were striking them with their heads instead of eating them. Most of the fish were on for only moments before the hook pulled loose but they did eventually get one in the 35-40 pound range to hook-up solidly! A couple of very nice bags of Dorado fillets were the result of that fish’s mistake! They also got strikes and hookups from marlin, but none of them stuck either. I may have to go back and see if I ordered hooks by Rubbermaid instead of my usual supplier! They did get to see the awesome beauty of a Marlin, as several of them did put on beautiful above water shows before tossing the hooks. Oh well, maybe next time! Thanks guys, and remember us when you get back to rainy Victoria!


Brothers Ken and Bob MacKay from Ottawa are the anglers on the “Fly Hooker” today and these guys are looking forward to their first experience deep sea big game fishing. Ken and Bob just want to catch fish, but let us know that they would not turn down a chance at a Marlin! The wind has still been blowing on the Pacific side so the “Fly Hooker” heads out towards Gordo Banks. There have been reports of Yellowfin being caught there and if these two are lucky they might get to tie into a nice one! They find fish before they get there and end up having a blast on light tackle with 10-15 pound fish close to shore in the calmer water! They end up with three in the boat and many, many more were lost due to the light gear but boy, what a blast! After tiring of the action on these game tuna on light tackle they headed out in search of a Marlin. Almost before you could say it, they spotted a Striped Marlin trailing downswell and they get a strike on the bridge rod! Ken is able to whip this Striped Marlin, estimated at 120 pounds, in very short order! All right Ken! A nice first experience for the two MacKays and we hope it is not the last. Thanks guys, and until next time, Tight Lines from Mary, George and the “Fly Hooker” crew.

Cabo Fish Report for Nov 5-12


Capt. George Landrum

[email protected]

WEATHER: Just as I said last week, the weather keeps getting better and better. I love this time of year here and until it gets to the point that I wish I had a fireplace in the house I will continue to enjoy these perfect temperatures! Daytime in the mid 80’s and the evenings in the mid to high 60’s. Humidity has been around 60% all week and there have been afternoon breezes every day. Today, the 12th, it was cloudy all day but with no rain. The remainder of the week has been sunny. A light windbreaker for the mornings and evenings has kept the chill off of me, but I notice that I am almost the only person I have met who feels the chill! Maybe that has been because everyone else is coming from the cold, cold north and this is warm for them!

WATER: The temperature has been fairly steady at 79-80 degrees almost everywhere with no strong temperature breaks showing. The winds early in the week were fairly steady and caused some rough conditions on the Pacific side but the Sea of Cortez had only wind chop, not any large swells. Today the wind almost disappeared as the clouds moved in and the water was very nice everywhere. Hopefully this will continue for a while. Saturday was the full moon and this had had an effect on the fishing.

BAIT: We are starting to get some Mackerel from the bait pangas now. It is hard to get only Mackerel unless you are the first boat asking but it is a good thing since the Cavallito have been on the small side. As an example, when we have bought a scoop of Sardines they have actually been a mix of about 70% Sardines and 30% baby Cavallito! Thank goodness they have not tried to charge us the normal $2 per Cavallito for those! The bigger baits have been getting $2 each and the Sardines have been $20 per small scoop here in Cabo and $20 for a bait tank full if you are willing to go to San Jose. If the guys try and charge you $2 each bait for the smaller Cavallito (5” or less) look somewhere else!


BILLFISH: The full moon has had a marked effect on the billfishing this past week. As the moon gets fuller the bite has dropped off to a marked degree. This is not to say that the Billfish are not out there, it is just that they have been feeding all night and it has been very difficult to get them to bite. In accordance with this, the best action on the needle nose guys has been on lures. I believe that this has not been because they are hungry but because they get irritated and swat at the lures! Reason for me believing this has been the fact that we are getting a lot of strikes on the extremely active lures and the straight runners are not getting the hits. The more action and the more radical it is the more strikes it draws. We have had a lot of luck drawing the strikes on Kona-head style lures and super plungers, lures with lots of action! The normal Zukers and other straight runners have been a distant second. The best colors have been in the darker hues, black/purple, black/blue, red/purple, etc. Not many hookups but plenty of action has been the name of the game this week.

YELLOWFIN TUNA: As opposed to the Billfish, the bite on the Yellowfin has gotten better with the full moon. Most of the fish being caught have been close to home, just outside the arch or up the Sea of Cortez at Punta Cabesa de Ballena. These fish have been the football Yellowfin in the 10-25 pound range but the action has been consistent. Best luck has been on cedar plugs for the trolling boats, Sardines for the boats trying live bait and the boats putting in the effort to crank iron are getting plenty of shots also. There have been reports of larger 50-100 pound Yellowfin out about 25-30 miles with Porpoise, but I have seen none of these fish myself.

DORADO: Just like last weeks report, the action on the Dorado seems to be slowing down a bit. There have not been as many fish caught and those that are being caught have tended to be a bit smaller. There have been a few monster schools of fish in the single digit size and unfortunately I have heard of some of the boats going out and trying to fill the boxes on these juvenile fish. As a reminder, the limit on the Dorado is 2 fish per angler per day and it is a good idea to release the females. The larger fish have been in the deep water and have been found as blind strikes while looking for Marlin.

WAHOO: We finally have some good news here! If you are trying to target the Wahoo, this past week was the time to come down. The full moon was the signal for some fast and furious action from these saltwater express trains on the seamounts. Not everyone found these fish but those boats that went in search of them did get fish. Unfortunately for most of the anglers and boats, catching a Wahoo was a matter of blind luck, stumbling across one while looking for marlin or Tuna. Marauders in darker colors, Yozuri plugs in the darker colors and Tremblors in lime green seemed to be the lures that received the most action. Not a lot of high speed action reported but these plugs pulled at 8 knots worked very well on the edges of both Golden gate and San Jaime Banks.

INSHORE: No change from last week’s report here except for the fact that there seems to be a bit of an influx of Sierra. Many more of these fish in the 5-6 pound range have been reported. Surf casting off the Pacific beaches has been good for these fish as well as for the 5-10 pound Roosterfish. I have had a few friends say the action on the Houndfish has been good also. I am hoping to get a chance to try some of the surf action myself this week and will give you an eyewitness report for next week! Until then,

Tight Lines!

Capt. George Landrum

[email protected]

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