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Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Capt. George Landrum
November 20, 2000
Cabo San Lucas - Saltwater Fishing Report

Fly Hooker Sportfishing

Cabo San Lucas


For some reason I did not remember to get the names of the party fishing the “Fly Hooker” today. I apologize for that, normally I write them down as soon as possible! I do remember that you were from Littleton Colorado! The objective was to catch Tuna and Dorado and that is what they did. Gordo Banks was the direction they headed and they used live Sardines as soon as they spotted fish. That was only about 8 miles on the way and the fishing was pretty productive although the catching was not so great. Very light leader was called for and patience was needed. Most of the bites were struck too soon and the fish escaped with a free meal, but one made a mistake and became fillets in short order. One Dorado was caught and one red Grouper, but that was all the action for the day. Whoops, there was also a strike from a Striped Marlin on the troll while headed home. Until tomorrow, tight lines!


Today the Norman party was the anglers on the Fly Hooker and they are going tomorrow as well! Mike and Diane are here with Mike’s brother Bruce and his girlfriend Kerry. They have been fishing here before and are looking for a Blue Marlin if possible, but really want to have fun above all else. Juan and Manuel decide to work the inside Sea of Cortez side since there has been a lot of bait in the area. Hopefully they can catch some Yellowfin Tuna in the morning and then go out for the Blue Marlin search when the sun gets a bit higher. The same area that had been producing the Yellowfin Tuna for the past few days shut down today. The girls had fun catching and releasing 5 Houndfish on the light tackle they had brought along but the Yellowfin never bit. They went out to the temperature break that ran from five miles outside the cape and towards Gordo Banks looking for the Blue Marlin but were only able to get one small 90lb Striped Marlin to the boat. It was released to fight some other day. Two other Striped Marlin were seen and bait was tossed to them but they refused to eat. Maybe tomorrow will be better!


This is the second day for the Norman party and the decision is made to try the Pacific side today. The guys had talked to other anglers who had luck on the Pacific side off of the lighthouse and were hoping that the water was clearer and more productive there. The water was a bit clearer but there was still just one Striped Marlin released by the group. In addition they caught a Dorado. Not a lot of action for the day but at least they did not get skunked! We hope you have better fishing luck next time and the Blue Marlin will cooperate! Until then, Tight Lines!


Michael and Jennifer McHugh have booked the “Fly Hooker” for a day of fishing and are looking forward to having a good time on the ocean! They made sure to put on their scopolamine patches last night. Since it appeared that the inshore bite for Dorado and Tuna had dropped off on the Sea of Cortez side they decided to go up the Pacific side and search. They started off outside the lighthouse and did not really find any fish until they had trolled up the coast for a few hours. They started to catch some Yellowfin Tuna and ended up with three in the box. They then turned towards the deeper water looking for a Marlin. They picked up three Dorado instead and the wind started to blow with a bit of vigor. Juan and Manuel tacked the “Fly Hooker” down swell looking and searching for a Marlin, but in vain. Jennifer became a bit concerned about the water conditions and they decided to return a bit early. No Marlin, but good fillets to take home! Until next time, tight lines from Mary, George and the “Fly Hooker” crew.


Today our friends Tom and Becky were on the “Fly Hooker” along with our friend Cindy and her daughter, plus a friend of theirs from the trailer park. The idea was to go fishing and get some fillets to take home, then try some snorkeling! Juan and Manuel headed the “Fly Hooker” to Gordo Banks in an attempt to get a few of the nice sized Yellowfin that had been reported there. Getting a load of Sardines in San Jose first, they then headed to the Banks. The fish were leader shy but finally they managed to hang into a good one! After a battle that lasted almost an hour they got a Yellowfin estimated at 80lbs up to the boat. Just as Juan tried to gaff it the hook pulled out! Down the fish went and they had to settle for the other one of about 20 pounds and the two Dorado they caught. Two more nice Yellowfin were hooked up but they were lost while still deep and no one ever did get a look at them. No snorkeling on the way back, but they went home with fish! Thanks guys!


Denise and Darrel McCarty, along with their dad Ryan were the “Fly Hooker’s” anglers for the day. They just wanted to have fun catching fish since they had never caught anything large before, but they did say it would be nice to catch a Marlin if the chance came about. Juan and Manuel decided to start off of Punta de Ballena since a few of the boats had found scattered fish there the day before. That was a good decision since the proceeded to catch lots of Dorado and Yellowfin Tuna! Plenty of fillets to take home and then they headed a little further out looking for a Marlin. They got their wish a short while later with a Striped Marlin coming into the lure spread and attacking! Dad got to fight a Marlin! Way to go Ryan! He was so pleased that he had a hard time getting the smile off of his face when they got in! They released the Marlin that Juan estimated at 120 pounds. Several others were sighted and live bait was tossed to them but there was no interest. Only three Striped Marlin in the last six trips, all on lures! Must be the effects of the full moon and the plentiful bait! Thank you Denise, Darrel and Ryan for being such a great group, Juan and Manuel were glad to have you aboard the “Fly Hooker” today! Until next time, tight lines!

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