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Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Capt. George Landrum
November 29, 2000
Cabo San Lucas - Saltwater Fishing Report

Daily Fishing Report for "Fly Hooker" Sportfishing

Fly Hooker Fish Report for 20 November, 2000

Brothers’ Bill & Ken were the anglers on the “Fly Hooker” today. They booked the boat yesterday and really want Ken to catch a Marlin. Bill lives and fishes out of Fort Lauderdale FL and has his own boat there, so he has caught Marlin before. Juan and Manuel head the boat out to the Pacific side and start looking for tailing fish. They get a strike on lures almost right away, but it does not hook-up. At about 9 AM, they spot a tailing Striped Marlin and a live Caballito is tossed to the fish. \Perhaps there is too much bait in the water already, but for some reason the Marlin shows absolutely no interest. About 3 minutes later, the process is repeated on another fish with the results being identical. At about 11 AM, they have a blind strike on a lure and Ken finally gets to fight his fish. The fight was not a long one, only about 20 minutes. An estimated 120 lbs. Striped Marlin was released to fight a gain another day. The water was beautiful all day, flat and calm. Thanks, Guys! We look forward to fishing with you again next time you come down. Until then, Tight Lines form George, Mary and the “Fly Hooker” crew.

November 21, 2000

Our good friend and repeat client Rick Harris is on the boat with his son, Ryan today. Rick has caught Marlin with us before and would like to do the same today. Sometimes you get what you ask for and sometimes you don’t, in this case it was 50/50. Rick got to fight, tag and release an estimated 120lb Striped Marlin, and his son caught a 15 lb. Dorado for the dinner table. The water conditions were good, but turning a little green on the Pacific side. Thanks Rick and Ryan. See you again in the Spring. Until then, Tight Lines, George, Mary, and the “Fly Hooker” Crew

November 22, 2000

Andy Cline and his significant other Maribeth Yasinski from New Orleans are our anglers on the “Fly Hooker” today and again on the 24th. Andy loves 31 Bertrams and is a proud owner of one himself. They just rebuilt it from the ground up and they make me jealous! He has been working in Nova Scotia for a long while and this is a much needed break. Maribeth is an ex-Coast Guard Officer, so we know she knows her was around a boat. Everyone is at the boat at 6:15 and off they go!! The objective for the day is Striped Marlin, of course! Once again the Pacific side is chosen and about 22 miles out they finally start to find fish. 3 Striped Marlin are spotted in the morning and contrary to the last two days results, these fish are hungry. The first Marlin eats the bait, but does not get hooked. Oh well. A short time later the second fish is spotted tailing on the surface and a Caballito is tossed at him. A quick turn and he is on the bait! About 5 seconds later the line comes tight and the hook is set. Maribeth said this fish was quite the acrobat and Andy got some good pictures as it spent most of the time in the air. With all the surface action, it wore itself out quickly and in 10 minutes Maribeth had the fish boat-side for a quick tag and the hook removed. The fish did not need to be revived, as it was still very energetic when released. By the way, it was not just because the fish was tired form jumping, Maribeth also knows what she is doing when it comes to fighting fish. This was all done with standup gear!

Later another Marlin appeared in the lures and a live bait was dropped back to it. Andy’s fish ate the bait and then went deep. The fight lasted 30 minutes this time, as this fish never jumped once; it just stayed down and dogged it. It took awhile, but Andy was able to bring it boat-side for tagging and the fish was release unharmed. (I am so glad we finally received our shipment of Billfish Foundation Tags, now our anglers can get that beautiful certificate!) On the way in from the trip a Dorado attempted to eat one of the lures, but was missed. That was it for the day, until the 24th. Until then Tight Lines, George, Mary & the “Fly Hooker” Crew.

November 24, 2000

This is Andy and Maribeth’s second day of fishing in Cabo aboard the “Fly Hooker” and we are hoping for some more action! Juan and Manuel head the “Fly Hooker” out to the same area and this time they spot more Marlin than the last trip, but the fish are just not as hungry. Maribeth gets to fight the one Striped Marlin estimated at 80-100 lbs. and the fish was released. And Andy gets a Dorado. They see a total of 7 Marlin, but for some reason, luck is not with them today. If they had had the same catch ratio as last time their arms would be really tired. Congratulations Maribeth and thank you Andy. You are very nice people and we look forward to fishing with you again in the future. Tight Lines, George Mary and the “Fly Hooker” Crew.

November 25, 2000

David Kennedy and his sister Tracy have had the Fly Hooker booked for this day for the last 4 months and are really looking forward to their first time deep sea fishing. David has been on the party boat before and caught Red Snapper in the Gulf of Mexico, but Tracy who lives in LA has never been fishing before. There has to be a first item for everyone! I understand that a couple years ago David paid for a trip to Hawaii, so this is Tracy’s payback. A trip to Cabo, Way to go girl!!! Anyway they let us know they would be happy catching anything, but had dreamed of Marlin. With this in mind, the plan was to try for Dorado or Tuna first and then move on to the Marlin later, depending on the water conditions and reports form the other boats. The water was great again, flat and calm with very light variable winds. On the Pacific side they had a Blue Marlin strike on the lures, estimated at about 300 lbs., but did not hook up good and shook the hook off. That was David’s first try. Now it is Tracy’s turn and the next fish was Striped Marlin that ate the live bait tossed to it and Tracy is fighting her first fish ever!!! Not having any experience helped her o this fish. She was willing to take advice from Juan and after the long battle, the fish was brought to the side of the boat. David and Tracy both said the fish was jumping a lot and David said he got some good shots. The estimated 100 lb. Striped Marlin was tagged and released! Congratulations Tracy!! For the rest of the trip David and Tracy discussed what kind of gear they were going to start buying. I think David and Tracy are the ones the got hooked and not released today!! Thanks for being such wonderful people and we look forward to having you on the Fly Hooker again soon. Tight Lines, George, Mary and the “Fly Hooker” Crew.

November 26, 2000

Today we had a group of people who booked locally and they just wanted to catch fish. Sorry we didn’t get all of the names of the people on the boat. The “Fly Hooker” headed up the Pacific side where the action has been and they caught a couple Dorado for the dinner table. Then they decided to go after the Marlin. A short time later they hooked up a Striped Marlin and brought the 110lb fish to the boat. They boated the fish to have their picture taken with it and gave the meat to the Crew. Another great day of fishing aboard the “Fly Hooker”

Until Next week, Tight Lines,

George, Mary, and the “Fly Hooker” Crew: Juan and Manuel

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