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Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Capt. George Landrum
February 18, 2002
Cabo San Lucas - Saltwater Fishing Report

Cabo Fishing Report

Capt George Landrum

Fly Hooker Sportfishing

[email protected] www.flyhooker.com


WEATHER: It seems that every week for the last month we have received a bit of rain in the

middle and this week was a continuation of that trend. Overcast on Monday and it rained a bit on

Tuesday, just enough to get things wet, not enough to wash the cars. The rest of the week was

fairly bright and sunny. Temperatures hovered in the high 70’s and low 80’s in the daytime and

dropped to the high 60’s at night. Most of the breeze we received was out of the west-northwest

and picked up to 15 knot speed in the afternoons. (No Son Of Mine)

WATER: In the beginning of the week the hot spot was 74 degrees and was located 20 miles to

the southeast of the cape. By mid-week it had moved 20 miles further south and was a very long

40 mile run, out of range for most of the boats. Instead, starting mid-week the direction choice

was due west where the San Jaime Banks had started to warm up. By the end of the week that

was the destination for most of the boats as the temperature break became very defined between

68 degrees and 72 degrees. The water remained good with excellent clarity and only small swells

and slight chop in the mornings. Close to shore we maintained an average of 69 degrees all week

long. (Jesus He Knows Me)

BAIT: Mackerel have been available all week long as have Caballito and they have been the

normal $2 per bait. The water has been too cold for the Sardines according to the bait Panga

fishermen. (Driving The Last Spike)


BILLFISH: It has been a pretty slow week for the Striped Marlin. There have been a lot of fish

spotted but not a very high ratio of them have been hungry. Biggest concentrations have been at

the temperature breaks and there have been a few fish scattered over the rest of the area. The

majority of the ones that have been caught have been hooked on live bait cast to them while they

are tailing on the surface. (I Can’t Dance)

YELLOWFIN TUNA: Meat fish of the week for most of the boats going offshore. A few boats

have found fish in the 50-60 pound range but they are outnumbered by the football sized fish.

Concentrated in a fairly small area at the beginning of the week and located 30 miles south, as the

week progressed they came closer and by yesterday were being found as close as 16 miles out,

both to the south and the west. All of these fish have been associated with Dolphin. Small

feathers and cedar plugs have been the lures of choice and have worked best when run very close

in, on the 2nd or 3rd wake. There have been a few football Yellowfin caught close to shore by

the Panga fishermen as well. (Never A Time)

DORADO: A few boats have done very well on the Dorado and they have been finding floating

debris that concentrates the fish. The area of the temperature breaks kicked out a few of the

larger fish this week, some of them up to 60 pounds and they were fooled by lures. The debris

associated fish were caught on both live bait and chunks but overall were a bit smaller in size,

averaging 15 pounds. The debris was found on both the Pacific and Cortez side of the Cape and

most of it was about 15 miles out. (Dreaming While You Sleep)

WAHOO: Only a few fish were seen by me or reported to me but those fish were nice ones, most

in the 40 pound class. The majority of them were caught near debris while targeting Dorado, the

rest were blind strikes. (Tell Me Why)

NEARSHORE: Sierra, Sierra, Sierra and jack Crevalle! Very good inshore action all week long

but the bite was early. You needed to be on the water by sunrise as the bite shut off by 8:30.

Other fish were providing a variety the rest of the morning and they were small Roosterfish,

Snapper, Bonito, Skipjack and Dorado. (Living Forever)

NOTES: This weeks report was written to the music of Genesis on the album “We Can’t

Dance”, Atlantic Recording Corp., 1991. Thank you Phil Collins!

"Fly Hooker" Daily fishing report



When we left you last week we were eagerly waiting for Monday to arrive. Keiti had told us

that there was only an hour of work left on the engine then he would bench test it for an hour then

we would put it in the boat and do a check out run. Monday morning arrives and there is no one

at the shop. About 9 am his brothers arrive but they have no idea where he is. Juan goes there at

11 am and still no Keiti, again at noon, 1pm and 2pm. We are very happy.

Tuesday morning and Keiti is there. Says he was sick and had to go to La Paz to see the

doctor. Sure. Oh well, at least he showed up today. Starting at 9am the hour of labor needed to

put the last part in stretched out to six hours and at three o’clock we were just about ready for the

bench testing. Got to keep our fingers crossed because the crane closes at 4:30 and we do have a

charter booked for tomorrow. We acknowledge the boat will not be ready for tomorrow when

the clock hits 4pm and the engine has not been started yet. We pull the battery out of the van n

order to hook up the starter for the test. It runs! Some final adjustments are made and then Mary

and I take off to hit the paint store before they close at 6:30.

Prepping and painting the engine is done and we are out of there at 9pm. Engine in the boat

tomorrow and our charter for tomorrow was kind enough to change their fishing day to


Engine in the boat with no problem and by 1:30 we were ready for the first test run. Oops,

forgot to remove a piece of plastic stuffed into the exhaust elbow raw water intake, placed there

during the painting process. No wonder the water out the side of the boat looked like a fire hose.

The pressure also blew off the hose delivering the raw water through the transmission oil cooler.

Removed the oil cooler in order to fit a new piece of hose, needed to turn one of the oil hose

fitting a bit and it snapped. Back tot he Marina and by 6 PM everything was ship-shape. Fishing



Charles and Sherrie Theologos are from Mississippi and are in Cabo with their sons Matt and

Mitch. They were kind enough to postpone their fishing day until the boat was ready and are

looking for some eating fish to freeze and take back with them. Juan and Manuel have been off

the water for two weeks as the port engine was rebuilt and their freezers are empty of fish also!

Reports were of very good Tuna catches and some Dorado on the Pacific side out 25 miles so

that is where they go. Turns out that they ended up too far north, the fish had moved since the

reports yesterday and all they ended up seeing was sharks. There were no strikes during the trip

and the Theologos left the dock at the end of the trip with an empty cooler. We are sorry there

was no action but perhaps next time you will have better luck. Until then, tight lines! from

George, Mary, Juan and Manuel, The “Fly Hooker” crew.

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