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Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Capt. George Landrum
March 11, 2002
Cabo San Lucas - Saltwater Fishing Report

Cabo San Lucas Fish Report for Mar 4-10

Capt George Landrum

Fly Hooker Sportfishing

[email protected] www.flyhooker.com


WEATHER: Once again we have had a beautiful week here in Cabo. The nights have been a

comfortable 65-72 degrees and the daytime temperatures have ranged from 74 to 88 degrees.

The later half of the week had a light overcast most of the time. Winds were light at 2-8 knots

out of the northwest and southwest most of the time. (Mass-Hysteria)

WATER: Warm water has moved into the region, at least it’s warm compared to what we have

been experiencing for the past month. 72-75 degree water extends across the tip of the peninsula

from above San Jose on the Sea of Cortez to Todos Santos (almost) on the Pacific. The surface

conditions have been just great also, with only a light wind chop on the Pacific side. (Animal


BAIT: There has been a good mix of Mackerel and Caballito at $2 per bait. (Hocus Pocus)


BILLFISH: There are Striped Marlin out there but they are not feeding all that well. Every boat

is spotting a few but there have been no concentrations found this week. Most of the fish found

have been on the Sea of Cortez side and have been caught on live bait tossed to tailing fish. There

were a few reports of Blue Marlin strikes in a pocket of 77 degree water about 15 miles out on

Wednesday. (Berl’s Lounge)

YELLOWFIN TUNA: Scattered football size fish have been found inshore and there have been a

few boats having an outstanding day if they find a pod of Dolphin and are the first boat to the

spot. Most of the fish have been 8-25 pounds. Most of the fish have been found well offshore at

distances ranging from 15 to 35 miles, south and southwest of the Cape. Cedar plugs and small

feathers were working well. (Texas Son)

DORADO: The meat fish of the week! The warm water brought with it a fairly large number of

Dorado and it has not taken long to get where they are feeding. A short trip to the north and

working from just off the surf to 2 miles offshore has produced well. The bite has been an early

morning one though, boats arriving late are not finding the fish in a feeding mood. Feathers and

slow trolled live baits were taking fish that ranged in size from 10 pounds to 45 pounds. (Deep

South Cafe)

WAHOO: A few fish were caught this week, mostly as incidental catch. These fish ranged from

20-35 pounds and more were hooked up but bit through the mono leaders on lures meant for

Dorado. (Motown Fever)

INSHORE: Dorado and Sierra were the name of the game for those working the inshore areas.

Most of the fish were found in less than 300 feet of water north on the Sea of Cortez. Fishing for

other species was slow this week. (Fade to Blue)

NOTES: Short and sweet report this week. The fishing should start to pick up as the new moon

is here. We are seeing a lot of Humpback whales offshore. This weeks report written to the

guitar music of Gary Hoey on his album “Animal Instinct”, 1993, Reprise Records.

Fly Hooker Daily Fishign Report


I got a chance to fish today with Mike Hicks (he fished on the 25th) and two new friends,

Danny Schultz and Terry Tinker, both from Roseburg, Oregon. Mike caught a lot of Tuna when

he went fishing with the kids last time and this time he wants to get a Marlin, as do both Danny

and Terry. We headed out to the Pacific side of the Cape and only 7 miles out ran into a large

pod of Dolphin. It looked like they were feeding so we decided to start there and see if we could

hook up a Tuna, get a fish on the boat right off the bat. Nada! Oh well, we continued to the west

and about 8am came across a submerged piece of trash. One pass on it and we could see that it

was too new to have anything there. Continuing on we came across more Dolphin and worked

them for a while. It was in these Dolphin that we had a Marlin come up on the bridge rod lure

and give it a whack. The fish took a bit of line, just a short pull, and Juan was on the deck

dropping back a live bait. No luck there and we continued on. A few miles later we came across

a 50 galleon barrel that must have just fallen off of a passing ship. The barrel was empty and

floating high and dry, nothing had formed up underneath it. Oh well, give it some more time and

someone finding it will get lucky! It was late morning by then and we worked out way east

towards the Sea of Cortez. It was when we were about 15 miles off of the Cape and to the south

that we hooked up to what I first thought was a Marlin. Juan and Manuel knew right away that it

was a Dorado though and Terry was the designated angler. It did not take him long to get the

fish to the boat and Juan gaffed the 25 pound fish. Dinner is in the boat! Later on, a lot closer to

land, we saw a Marlin sleeping on the surface. Juan tossed a bait but the fish went down. It

reappeared a short while later and the bait was tossed again with no luck. Three or four minutes

later we saw a Marlin jump about 200 yards away and ran to the area. The fish did not show

again. As we were about to end the day we saw another Marlin tailing. Again Juan tossed the

bait but once again we could generate no interest from the fish. That was it for the day but we

had a good time on the water and did not get skunked! Thanks guys, we look forward to having

you fish with us again.


Molly Glasoe and her husband Mark were fishing on the “Fly Hooker” along with their friends

Jeff and Debbie and Pete and Lucetta. Down to Cabo from the Great White North of Alaska and

wanting to have a bit of fun, the decided that fishing was one of the things they had to try! A

beautiful day on the water produced two strikes from Dorado but nothing in the boat. The start

time was 8 am, that may have had something to do with it, the bite has been very early for

anything other than Marlin, but they did see lots of Dolphin and Porpoise, Whales, Turtles and

Seal and Sea Lions! The water was smooth and the beers went down easily. Everyone had a

good time even if there were no fish in the box at the end of the day!


Ken, Gordon and Ivan want to catch a Marlin and Juan and Manuel tried. What a slow day!

They got out at 7am and worked their way 26 miles offshore, past the 95 spot and up toward the

1150. The water was beautiful, the temperature was perfect but there were no fish. The only fish

they saw all day was the one 35 pound Dorado that Ken caught. A little disappointed but as we

say, that’s why they call it fishing. A few of the boats got into some fish but for the most part it

was an extremely slow day for the charter boats. They guys went home with some nice fillets and

a still existing desire to get a Marlin. Maybe next time it will work out. Thanks for the chance to

get one for you!

Until Next week, Tight Lines from George, Mary, Juan and Manuel, The “Fly Hooker” Crew

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