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Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Capt. George Landrum
March 18, 2002
Cabo San Lucas - Saltwater Fishing Report


Capt George Landrum

Fly Hooker Sportfishing

[email protected] www.flyhooker.com

WEATHER: This week we had one day of very strong winds (Wednesday) and the rest of the

time the wind was blowing but it was not too bad. Most of the days were a bit overcast and the

temperatures stayed comfortable in the mid 80’s to mid 60’s. No rain this week although on

several days it looked as if that might happen. (Themes)

WATER: At the end of the week the inshore water was very green, probably a result of the

heavy winds mid-week. The inshore temps on the Sea of Cortez were 69-70 degrees. This

temperature was fairly consistent all the way around the Cape and extended out into the Pacific 40

miles. On the Sea of Cortez side there was a cold spot that covered the 95 and 1150 spots with

water in the 67 degree range. This cold spot started the week as a cold eddy working down the

Pacific side and has now formed a large mass just off the coast. Most of the fish have been found

on the west side of this cold mass so the run to the fishing grounds has been about 20 miles. (Fist

Of Fire)

BAIT: It has been a good mix of Caballito and Mackerel this week but you sure haven’t needed

many on board the boat. The normal price at $2 per bait. (Brother Of Mine)


BILLFISH: Not one of the top fish of the week this past week, that’s for sure. Most boats are

seeing at least one during a trip but they have not been very hungry. It has all been Striped Marlin

and the fish were on the Pacific side early in the week and are now scattered all over the place.

Not having a strongly defined temperature break is probably one of the reasons and I wish I knew

what the others might be. Those that have been caught have taken a mix of both live bait and

lures. (Birthright)

YELLOWFIN TUNA: Where oh where did they go? Every day I see a lot of white flags flying

and when I check it out they are for Skipjack or Bonita. The Yellowfin have disappeared this

week and our fingers are crossed that they will be back soon. I hope the fact that there are Purse

Seiners everywhere has nothing to do with the lack of Tuna. (The Meeting)

DORADO: There have been some Dorado found and they are also on the west side of the cold

spot. Early in the week a dead whale was found 30 miles to the south and those in the know were

able to load up on nice Dorado. The nest day the whale had moved northwest and was 40 miles

away and by the third day it was out of range. Good fishing for two days and the rest of the time

the Dorado have been pretty much a hit or miss proposition. (Quartet)

WAHOO: A couple of scattered fish were caught but there was no concentration. (Teak Bois)

INSHORE: The fishing inshore has pretty much been confined to the northern reaches on the Sea

of Cortez side due to the discolored water. Some Sierra are still around and there are Pargo and

Cabrilla in the rocks. Some Snapper are being picked up on the rock piles in 250 feet of water.

(Order Of The Universe)

NOTES: As you can tell, the fishing was slow this week. Most of the action that was out there

was on the smaller members of the Tuna family. Hopefully that will change as we get into the

later half of the month. Looking at my records this is normal for March, but it was not quite this

slow last year. Fingers are crossed that it picks up soon! This weeks report was written to the

music of “Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman, Howe”, 1989, Arista Records. Yes, that is the name of

the album! (LOL!)

Fly Hooker Daily Fishing Report for Mar 11-17


Today was a last minute booking in the morning. These four guys had booked a boat that was

not available and got upgraded from a 28’ to our 31’ by the agent that had done the reservations.

They realy wanted Marlin but had to settle for catching a few Skipjack Tuna instead. The wind

was howling on the Pacific side and that ended up being where the few marlin caught were found.

Juan and Manuel worked an area about 25 miles to the east, on the other side of the Temperature

break but only saw one Marlin jumping. The Skipjack were 10-12 pound size and hit on small



We had a party of five aboard the “Fly Hooker” today and they were taking part in a

mini-tournament put on by one of the resorts here. There were a total of six boats and 26 people

as anglers. There was supposed to be a 30 pound minimum for fish weighed in and all Marlin

were to be released. Results were 1 marlin killed, one released and the “Fly Hooker” caught the

only eating fish of the day as the anglers brought 3 of 4 Tuna to the boat, but none of them were

minimum weight. Oh well, maybe next time!


Our good friend David Reese is back in Cabo again and is fishing aboard the “Fly Hooker” by

himself today. No specific species to be targeted, pretty much anything goes, just get a bit of

action! No problem for Juan and Manuel as they head out to the other side of the cold water spot

on the Cortez side. Dave ended up with a nice Dorado of about 25 pounds and a few Tuna.

Didn’t get skunked! The fishing has not been great this week and we are hoping it turns around



David Reese and his son David and David’s friend Alex are fishing a half day today. The boys

are 9 and 10 years old and Dave wants them to catch some fish. They have brought along a

couple of spinning rods and reels and are loaded for bear! Juan and his brother Juan fished today

and they went up the Sea of Cortez looking for Sierra and small Tuna. The small Tuna they did

find and the boys had a blast with them! Both David and Alex were able to fight the fish almost

all the way to the boat before they tired out and had to hand off the rods. Both of the guys caught

one and brought them to the boat and they hooked another pair that got away when the lines

crossed! A good time was had by everyone! Thanks guys!

Until next week, Tight lines from George, Mary, Juan and Manuel, The “Fly Hooker” Crew

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