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Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Capt. George Landrum
April 1, 2002
Cabo San Lucas - Saltwater Fishing Report


Capt George Landrum

Fly Hooker Sportfishing

[email protected] www.flyhooker.com


WEATHER: As has been the case every week this month, we had high overcast for most of the

week and one day of very windy weather. On Thursday afternoon the wind started up and it blew

throughout the night and all day Friday, then it disappeared. The rest of the week was wonderful

with light breezes and sunny days. The temperatures stayed between the low to mid 80’s during

the days to the mid 70’s at night. Still no rain, but that is no surprise here! (Sleeping Bag)

WATER: Surface conditions were great during the week except for Friday. The winds were

from the northwest and the Pacific side was practically unfishable and it you went further than 15

miles offshore on the Sea of Cortez side it was pretty rough as well. After that, the swells were

there but no choppy conditions so it improved greatly. The water temperature on the Pacific side

has remained cool all week with surface temperatures in the 68-69 degree range early in the week

and dropping to 66-68 degrees on Saturday. The warm water we were seeing on the Sea of

Cortez is still there but has moved a bit further to the north and out a bit. The 72-73 degree water

is now touching the East Cape, covering the Gordo Banks and has moved about 10 miles to the

east of the 95 spot. (Stages)

BAIT: Caballito, Mackerel and Sardinas have all been available this week. The larger baits

have been the usual $2 per bait and the Sardinas have been between $20 and $25 a scoop and on

the small side. (Woke Up With Wood)


BILLFISH: This weeks Billfish catch rate is almost identical to last weeks. There have been fish

found but not a lot of them caught. Most boats were seeing one or two a trip on most days and

were able to hook into the fish if they were lucky. It seemed that most of the fish were found on

the Sea of Cortez side, perhaps due to the cold Pacific waters and when they were hooked up, it

was on live bait that was tossed directly at them. All the fish I heard about were Striped Marlin

and they averaged between 80 to 130 pounds. Unfortunately we are still seeing a lot of these fish

being brought to the dock for pictures, but the release ratio is improving. (Rough Boy)

YELLOWFIN TUNA: Bright spot of the week! We finally had Tuna show up close enough for

them to be caught by the fleet charter boats. The fishing was on the Pacific side and ranged from

10 miles to 30 miles out depending on the day. All of these fish were mixed with Porpoise and

the schools were mixed in sizes. Football size fish from 8-15 pounds were common and cedar

plugs and feathers accounted for most of them. From 6-12 of these fish per boat was not

uncommon. Fish in the 30 pound class were in there and again the same sizes of lures were

working well. Larger fish would pop up unexpectedly and some of them were in the 70-80 pound

class. Swimming plugs such as Marauders and Rapalas in black/purple drew some mean strikes

when pulled close to the boat. When the trolling bite died off a bit some of the boats were

spotting the schools on the depth sounders and dropping live bait to them, down about 40-70 feet.

I saw a few fish in the 120-150 pound range get caught using this method. After the windy day

on Friday the fish seemed to have moved and the Tuna bite died. The Porpoise were gone as

well. We have our fingers crossed that the action heats up again in the next day or so. (Can’t

Stop Rockin’)

DORADO: Dorado were not a hot spot this week and more’s the pity, I really love these fish.

There were a few caught by accident, mostly by boats working the Tuna on the Pacific side.

There were also fish found on the Cortez side on the warm water edge but there were no

concentrations in either area. The fish that were caught seemed to range in size from 15-25

pounds and were caught on a mix of both lures and live bait. (Planet of Women)

WAHOO: What Hoo? (again) (I Got The Message)

INSHORE: The inshore catch this week seemed to consist of Pargo, some of them nice sized, to

25 pounds, Sierra to 8 pounds, an occasional Yellowtail at the arches to 30 pounds, Bonito to 20

pounds and assorted other bottom fish between 3 and 15 pounds with an occasional large

Amberjack in the mix. Not red-hot action but it was fairly steady for almost everyone. (Velcro


NOTES: There are fewer whales around now but yesterday I did get to watch a cow and calf

breach together about 4 times in a row. A beautiful sight!

Walking around the Marina towards Medano beach you come across the new Parisio Mall, what

a beautiful place! You have to check it out when you come down, I have never seen a place like

it in the U.S., truly a world class building!

This week I have to take a shot at my friend Chris and his buddy Bosun. Sorry Chris, but here is

some long-hair rock and roll! Written to the sounds of ZZ Top on their 1985 album

“Afterburner”, Warner Bros. Records. Tell me long-hairs can’t play good rock!

Fly Hooker Daily Reports for Mrach 26-31


The Johnston family, father and son, were fishing aboard the “Fly Hooker”

today with Juan and Manuel and the objective was to get the son hooked up to

something larger than five pounds, his previous record fish! Juan and Manuel

were looking forward to it because they had an idea where the Tuna were.

Nothing quite like a nice size Tuna to give a fight to remember! Off they

went to the Pacific side of the Cape, while most of the other boats took off

to the Sea of Cortez side. They must have had some kind of fish sensing radar

in their heads because it wasn’t too far out when they spotted the first pod

of Porpoise working. The action wan not fast and furious but the fish did

bite. It took a while but they eventually ended up with three nice Yellowfin

Tuna in the 20 pound class, and a very tired boy! Dad decided to get the fish

smoked and took the fillets that Juan had cut, delivered them to the

Smokehouse and said to Mary that they really looked forward to their next trip

on the “Fly Hooker”, perhaps this fall! Thanks, and we look forward to seeing

you then!


Doug and his son Cory were our anglers today. Doug used to be a partner

in “Rocky’s Smokehouse”, back in the days it was in operation here and has

been fishing Cabo for years. Cory has caught a Striped Marlin before and

knows what he is doing. Juan and Manuel went back to the same area on the

Pacific side that they worked yesterday. They had seen some big fish but had

not been able to get them to bite then, perhaps they would bite today! As

luck would have it, they found the fish and got into some good action. Juan

said that there were several pods of Porpoise working within sight of each

other and it was not difficult to get hooked up. They caught seven football

Yellowfin, ranging from 8 pounds to 20 pounds. On one pass the bridge rod

went off and Cory settled down into the chair for a 30 minute fight with what

turned out to be the biggest fish of the day. After a lot of give and take

Juan was able to put the gaff to the 120 pound Tuna! It struck on a

black/purple lure, and Juan put it back into the spread as they started

trolling again. Maybe they wish that they had put out a few more like it

because it was not long until it got hit again. This time it was Dougs turn

to fight a fish for 30 minutes, but when it was brought into the boat Cory’s

fish was larger. Dougs tuna may have been about 90 pounds. They next try was

with live bait, slow trolled around the edge of the school. Nice results with

two Dorado that weighed about 25 pounds each! That was it for the day and

both Doug and Cory were very happy! Thanks, we look forward to a visit again,

and thanks for bringing those reels for me Doug!


Our friend Danny White is in Cabo with his son Collin and friends Mark and

Shane. At least those are the ones that showed up for the fishing today! Two

others decided to sleep in, their loss! Of course they could have come along

and slept all day on the boat like Shane did, that would have been all right.

With the type of action they had yesterday with the Tuna on the Pacific side

it only made sense to try it again, so off they went. I love it when things

work out! The Tuna were still there, but had moved further offshore and were

out around the San Jaime Banks area. The wind had started to blow pretty good

by mid morning and the water got rough. Shane got a little sick but everyone

else handled it well. They caught fish anyway, one very nice Yellowfin that

was in the 70-80 pound range, lost one more large fish at the back of the boat

after the hook pulled out and they caught three fish in the 30 pound class. A

lot of nice fillets and everybody except Shane was happy! Sorry Shane!

Thanks Dan, we look forward to seeing you with the guys this fall!


Mike and Kathy Pitarski are repeat clients and want to catch fish! The

water was very rough on the Pacific side and they don’t want to get beat up so

Juan and Manuel went up on the Sea of Cortez side to about 20 miles off of the

Palmilla area. They did get to fight, tag and release a Striped Marlin and

toss bait to another that was jumping. There were lots of Porpoise in the

area but no Tuna were seen. Action was a bit slow and the water, even over

there, was rough enough that both Mike and Kathy got a bit queasy. They came

back to the Marina with a Marlin flag and a release flag flying though, and

that was a lot more than most people came in with. We will keep our fingers

crossed that the fishing is better the next trip down! Thanks!


Bryan and Pamela Niekamp are repeat clients also, this must be the week!

I just wish the fishing had been better for them. The wind died off yesterday

afternoon so the water on the Pacific side was calmer. Juan and Manuel

decided that they should try and see if they could find the Tuna that had been

around a few days ago. Out they went and worked out to the San Jaime area

without seeing anything but empty water. Very few fish were caught today so

we are wondering what happened. I really hate it when we blank on a trip, but

not as much as Juan and Manuel do. When they can’t put the clients on fish

they feel like they have failed. I let them know that all they can do is try

everything they can but they can’t make fish appear where they aren’t and they

can’t make them bite if they are not hungry. I hope the fishing picks up

again, we were getting spoiled with the Tuna early in the week. Bryan had

been talking with Mike Pitarski about the two of them sharing the boat for

tomorrow but with the action slowing down the decided to pass. That’s all

right, the guys deserve to get easter off anyway! Thanks to everyone this

week, and all y’all have a good holiday!

Until next week, Tight lines from George, Mary Juan and Manuel, the “Fly

Hooker” Crew

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