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Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Capt. George Landrum
March 31, 2003
Cabo San Lucas - Saltwater Fishing Report

Cabo San Lucas Fishing Report Mar 23-30, 2003

Capt George Landrum

Fly Hooker Sportfishing

[email protected]



WEATHER: Almost feels like summer is here this week as our daytime and nighttime

temperatures are a bit warmer than the last two weeks. Our daytime highs were getting into the

mid 90’s and nighttime lows down to the high 60’s and low 70’s. It would cool down a few

evenings when the wind switched and blew from the southwest but all in all it was a warm week.

A few cloudy days but not much wind this week and no rain, of course. (Surfin’ U.S.A.)

WATER: We still have a plume of cool water (65-67) running down the Pacific coast out to a

distance of about 12 miles and on the Sea of Cortez side of the Cape the water is beginning to

warm up , right now it is in the 71-72 range. The Pacific side is still staying in the 67-69 range

but is warming up a bit as well. Surface conditions have been good this week with a light chop on

top of 3-4 foot swells. (Surfer Girl)

BAIT: Most of the bait I have seen this week was Caballito but there were a few Mackerel

mixed in there. They have been the normal $2 per bait and I am not sure if there have been any

Sardinas here in Cabo or not. (Be True To Your School)


BILLFISH: The Striped Marlin are starting to show up again and a few boats were flying two

flags when they returned. Most of the fish have been found on the Sea of Cortez around and

outside of the Gorda Banks but they have been seen jumping and a few have been hooked up as

far south as Cabo. As the water warms we should start to see even more show up. Dark colored

lures (green/black, black/red, purple/blue) have been working as has live bait dropped back or

tossed to tailing fish. I(I Get Around)

YELLOWFIN TUNA: The fish of the week for almost all of the boats! The Tuna have been

located around 25-40 miles offshore and that has made it a bit of a run for a lot of the boats, but

they are nice school fish with most of them in the 40-60 pound class. They have been mixed with

the Dolphin and the first few boats to the fish have had great luck (as usual). Lures that were

working for the Marlin have been hot for the Tuna as well and have outproduced the feathers on

this size of fish. The fish have been scattered everywhere from outside Gorda Banks to north of

the San Jaime Banks. Those have been the concentrations, but there have been a few nice 60-80

pound fish caught just off the arch by boats targeting Yellowtail! What a surprise for them! (Fun,

Fun, Fun)

DORADO: The numbers are about the same as last week with most boats getting at least one

Dorado hook-up, and they have been nice size fish with a lot of them in the 30-40 pound class.

Bleeding Mackerel and other bright colored lures were working well on them, as well as slow

trolling live bait in an area where fish were spotted. Most of the Dorado were found either

around the Tuna or very close inshore. (Barbara Ann)

WAHOO: Again, a few Wahoo were caught and many more were hooked up and lost but there

was no wide open bite on the fish. Most of the fish were blind strikes while searching for other

species. (Wouldn’t It Be Nice)

INSHORE: The Sierra bite has been good this week with a lot of the boats getting fish in the 5-8

pound class. Anything with a good dose of orange in it has been a hot item and getting a lot of

strikes. Yellowtail to 15 pounds on live bait and iron off of the Arch and Grey Rock in water up

to 200 feet in depth provided anglers who had strong arms a bit of action in the middle of the

week, as did the occasional Yellowfin Tuna. Bottom fishing for Snapper and Grouper resulted in

a few nice fish in the 8-15 pound class. There are still some nice Dorado to be found close in and

best results have been obtained by slow trolling live bait. I have not seen any Roosterfish this

week but I am sure they have been caught, and as the water warms up and the Mullet start to

school they will start to bite. (Good Vibrations)

NOTES: The fish were offshore this week and that resulted in quite a run for most of the boats.

There were plenty of things to see out there as there are still Whales coming through and lots of

Dolphin, Porpoise and Seals. The town has been full of Spring Breakers and there has been a film

crew running around filming “Spring Breaker” and word is that this is the same bunch that filmed

the movie “Jackass”. There is supposed to be another movie to be filmed here in the next few

months and it is based on the “Iliad”, will be called “Troy”, will star Brad Pitt and will spend close

to $15 million here in Cabo. The town needs this income as things are slow right now. The kids

don’t have a lot of money to spend and charters have been slow. We are all hoping things pick up

soon! This weeks report was written to the sounds of the 1990 Capitol-EMI release “The Beach

Boys All-Time Greatest Hits” Until next week, tight lines!

"Fly Hooker" Daily Fishing Report for March 23-30, 2003


Sam Attisha and his friend were our anglers for today but there was supposed to be three of

them. Their fiend lives just outside Denver, Colorado and was snowed in and unable to get to the

airport for the trip! Sure am glad we live where it doesn’t snow! Sam knew this morning that the

fishing has been a little bit slow so he said they would be happy just to tie into something. Juan

and Manuel headed out to their favorite area, south of the Jaime Banks. While working the area

they had a blind strike on a Yellowfin Tuna of about 40 pounds. It was a nice fight and by the

time the fish was in the boat several other boats had come on the scene and hooked up also. The

lines were put back out and about a minute later they hooked up to a Dorado that weighed about

the same as the Tina, just around 40 pounds. Two very nice fish in the boat in a short time. Later

on they spotted a Marlin come into the lures and dropped back a live bait, but the fish refused to

eat. The water was nice, not too choppy at all and they came back to the marina happy to have

caught something good to eat and to have had a nice day on the water.

While the “Fly Hooker” was out, I was out with my friend Pat on his 21 foot Alumaweld and

we headed the opposite direction, up the Sea of Cortez. We saw Pelicans diving just in front of

the Hacienda del Mar resort and pulled in and dropped back two small Rapallas. Two passes on

the Pelicans and two Sierra! All right, fish in the boat! Our objective today was to get into the

Yellowfin Tuna that had been in the vicinity of Gorda Banks. Pat had some new gear that he

wanted to check out and only a big fish would be able to put it through it’s paces. When we got

to the vicinity of Gorda Banks we put out the lures and right away we started to see Porpoise,

only they were the wrong kind, these were the large black Porpoise. We kept heading out to the

east and as we passed over the outer Gorda, we had a Marlin come in on the lures and slap the

Marauder on my rod. The fish came back and slammed the lure several more times before leaving

the area. About 5 miles out from there we saw another Marlin tailing on the surface and pulled

the lures past him. This fish lit up and came into the spread when he saw the lures but did not hit

any of them. In the distance we could see two boats and they appeared to be stopped. Thinking

that they might be ion the Tuna, we headed their direction. Looking back, perhaps we should

have pulled the lines in and cruised out there but instead we trolled. As we neared, we could see

three boats in the area and they were leapfrogging each other, chasing the fish and Porpoise. We

know they were good size fish because each time the boats hooked up, it was quite a while before

they started up again. We finally got into position in the Porpoise and the long line goes off with

w whirl of the clicker and we have a fish on! At first we thought it was the Tuna we were looking

for but then it jumped and we knew we were hooked up to a big Bull Dorado. It took Pat about

35 minutes to get the fish to the boat and by that time there were a dozen boats working the

Porpoise. We put the lures back out and had one more strike, this one on the Marauder, and it

was a Tuna by the look of the tooth marks, but the fish did not hook up. Time was going by fast

and we had to turn for home so we went back over the Gorda on the way in. Something struck

the Marauder again as we passed over the pouter bank and we made a circle over the spot. Pat

spotted the Marlin following the short jig and I had him pulse the engine, making the lure speed

up and slow down. The fish lit up and took the lure! Pat had the Marlin on for about 15 minutes

before it threw the hook but he had a blast. It was his first Marlin and the fish must have jumped

24 times! On the way back we passed another pod of Porpoise but could not get a strike from

them and we saw a Marlin free jumping outside the Westin resort. We arrived back at the Marina

three hours later than I had told Mary but we sure had a good time!

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