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Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Capt. George Landrum
April 14, 2003
Cabo San Lucas - Saltwater Fishing Report

Cabo San Lucas Fishing Report for April 6-13, 2003

Capt George Landrum

Fly Hooker Sportfishing

[email protected]



WEATHER: We had a lot of overcast early in the week, clearing up by the weekend and

actually had a bit of rain on Tuesday. Our daytime highs have been in the high 80’s to low 90’s

and the nighttime lows in the high 60’s. Winds variable, northwest in the afternoon at 6-12 knots

and sometimes from the south or southwest mid day at 5-10 knots (Home Again)


WATER: Swells at 3-5 foot on the Pacific side with a light wind ripple in the morning, swells

are spaced far apart and are very comfortable. The water has been chopping up a little in the

afternoons but not with a lot of whitecaps. The Sea of Cortez has been almost flat calm here at

Cabo, and I understand that the wind finally died down up on the East Cape. This has made for

water that is beautiful to fish on. There has been a band of cool 67 degree water along the Pacific

coast out to almost the San Jaime and Golden Gate Banks, but at those spots it has warmed up to

70 and 69 degrees respectively. The Cortez side has been a consistent 72-73 degrees. A 68

degree cool water eddy has pushed up from the south and forms a thumbprint 10 miles off to the

south of Cabo giving us a nice 2-3 degree temperature break close to home. (Tapestry)

BAIT: Our normal Caballito and some Mackerel were available at the usual $2 per bait and there

was no problem finding them in the morning. (Where You Lead)


BILLFISH: Striped Marlin appeared closer to home this week with quite a few fish being

spotted and sometimes hooked up as near as 1/4 mile from the arch. Most of the fish have been

1-12 miles out on the Cortez side but many have been sighted at the Jaime Banks as well, in the

warm water there. Just because you see them doesn’t mean that they will bite though, and the

success rate on live bait has been around 20%. That is a higher rate than with artificial though

and also means that if you toss bait to 5 fish there is a pretty good chance of getting one to hook

up. There have been enough of them spotted that everyone has had a chance to toss bait! A few

Blue Marlin were fought this week but I am not sure if any were brought to the boat. Best all

around lures were straight runners in Dark colors, followed by swimming heads. (I Feel The

Earth Move)

YELLOWFIN TUNA: This is the second week in a row that Yellowfin Tuna have been the fish

of the week. There are still lots of them out there and many of them are being found in the

Porpoise, but also a lot are on blind strikes. Most of them this week are smaller fish, from 15

pound footballs to smaller school fish in the 40 pound bracket. The usual Tuna lures, feathers,

cedar plugs and Marauders have worked well. The temperature break at the cool water eddy to

the south and along the east side of the Jaime Banks have been holding the fish this week.

(You’ve Got A Friend)

DORADO: The Dorado have continued to bite this week and they are staying good size with an

average fish being around 25 pounds. There are still not large numbers being found but they are

quality fish. Most of these are being found offshore around structure, in this case meaning the 95

spot and the edges of the banks. Any floating object that has been in the water for a while has

been holding fish as well. No specific lure was better this week but live bait was a sure bet when

you found the Dorado (Beautiful)

WAHOO: Like last week, there were Wahoo caught but not in large numbers. A large number

of boats reported strikes from the razor gang but most of them shook loose or cut through mono

leader. These were incidental fish and were not associated with anything in particular. (So Far


INSHORE: The Yellowtail are still out there, but just as last week, you have to scratch to get

fish. Again, live bait has been the ticket and this week the fish appeared to have moved from the

arch to off of the beach in Cabo Bay, just out from the bars and restaurants. Sierra are still

available and have started to slacken off as the water warms up, but that has also meant that the

bite on Roosterfish is picking up. The Roosters are still on the small side at less than 10 pound

average, but they should start getting bigger soon. Bottom fishing for Amberjack, Snapper and

Grouper has been fair with most of the fish in the 3-6 pound range, caught on cut bait such as

squid and Skipjack Tuna. (Smackwater Jack)

NOTES: The Humpback Whales continue to make a showing as they move through our area and

there were two long-range boats out of San Diego here this week on Whale Watching

expeditions. This is the beginning of Easter week here in Cabo and the town is starting to fill up.

There are lot’s of Mexicans from the mainland over here for the holiday and it is nice to see the

town filling up. This weeks report was written to the music of Carole King on the EK release

“Tapestry”. Until next week, Tight Lines!

Fly Hooker Daily Catch Reports for April 6-13, 2003


Greg Kisling from Alaska and his brother Kelly from Colorado were our anglers aboard the

“Fly Hooker” today and they had a blast. In Cabo for just a few days, they golfed yesterday,

fished today, golf tomorrow morning then head for home. Juan said that they went 22 miles to

the south today and the fishing was good as they were able to get three Dorado, all of them nice

fish and then got into the Yellowfin Tuna. Enough of them were caught that there was over 100

pounds of Tuna fillets and most of the fish were 30 pounds and over. There were single, double

and triple strikes as they worked the Porpoise back and forth. Thanks guys, we are very glad you

had a good trip and hope to see you again when you are ready for Blue Marlin! Until then, tight



Sue Gaede and her Grandmother have fished with us before and today they are fishing a 1/2

day. Juan and Manuel took the “Fly Hooker” out to the temperature break past the 95 spot and

had a quadruple blind strike on Yellowfin Tuna, getting three of the 20-30 pound fish to the boat.

A little later on they got into the Porpoise but couldn’t get bit. During the trip they tossed bait to

3 different Striped Marlin found on the surface, but every one of the fish refused the offering. Oh

well, sometimes they get an attitude! Plenty of fish talk and girl talk with Mary after the trip, and

everyone had a great time!


The Mike Cope Family fished with us two years ago and are doing so again twice on this trip.

Today is the first and on Wednesday they will go again. It was Manuels day off today and we had

Edgar fill in as deckhand, working with Juan as Captain. They headed out past the 95 spot, to the

same area the fish were found yesterday. During the trip they sighted and tossed bait to three

Striped Marlin, but as yesterday, none of them wee hungry. They did catch one Skipjack Tuna.

Finally they got to the area where the porpoise were, but they were not the first boat on the scene.

Juan said that there must have been 60 boats working the area and only the first few hooked up,

and the fish they hooked up to were nice sized Yellowfin. Well, we will keep our fingers crossed

that with Manuel aboard on Wednesday the luck will change. After all, every day is different!

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