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Fishing Reports by Capt. Mo Estevez

8:06 AM

Biscayne Bay - Sight fishing the flats of Biscayne Bay is always exciting and this day started with Markham and Jack on the bow in search of Biscayne silver (bonefish and permit). We had a small window of opportunity before the storms forced us off the water but w more...
Capt. Mo Estevez - Biscayne Bay

9:48 PM

Biscayne Bay Bonefishing - This trip started with two great people, Phillip and Elena from Homestead, occupying the bow for a half day of sight fishing for Biscayne Bay bonefish. With a look at the tide and conditions, I was anticipating a great trip and so it was. The bones more...
Capt. Mo Estevez - Biscayne Bay

10:05 PM

Biscayne Bay - This day started with friend Capt. Honson Lao on the bow with fly rod in hand, clear skies and a nice 10-15 MPH east wind on the Oceanside of Biscayne Bay to sight fish migrating tarpon. An hour and a half of effort yielded several shots at a single more...
Capt. Mo Estevez - Biscayne Bay

11:00 PM

Biscayne Bay - This is what it is all about Today I had a half day charter with a bank V.P. and his 13 year old son. Their goal was to have fun, catch some fish and enjoy a day on the water. We started and ended the day in the finger channels and while they ca more...
Capt. Mo Estevez - Biscayne Bay

10:13 PM

Biscayne Bay - 4/11 Today I had two fine gentlemen from S.C. aboard, one of them being a Marine just back from his second tour in Iraq. It was my pleasure to pole these guys around today and put them on some bonefish. The bonefishing was tough in the morning a more...
Capt. Mo Estevez - Biscayne Bay

9:07 PM

Biscayne Bay - The morning today started cooler, thanks to a weak cold front that came through the night before, and with heavy cloud cover. However, an early incoming tide would give us a small window of opportunity at tailing bonefish which we wanted to take adv more...
Capt. Mo Estevez - Biscayne Bay

4:54 PM

Biscayne Bay - With the wind and other factors forcing me to stay in port I've been suffering but I was able to head out once this week and make the best of the near 20 MPH east winds. The goal was to get the rods bent early and often and the bountiful finger chann more...
Capt. Mo Estevez - Biscayne Bay

4:21 PM

Biscayne Bay Bonefishing - Today I was fishing solo on a much needed relaxing day in Biscayne Bay with 15-20 MPH winds, the water temp around 66 degrees, a bit cool for bonefish but not impossible and very good visibility. Starting on the ocean side of the bay I took advantag more...
Capt. Mo Estevez - Biscayne Bay

10:05 PM

Biscayne Bay Bonefishing - I have been doing a mixed bag of fishing out in Biscayne Bay lately and was able to focus on one of my favorite fish today, bonefish. The outlook looked so good with nice stable weather patterns, nice tides and clear skies the expectation was to put more...
Capt. Mo Estevez - Biscayne Bay

11:05 PM

Biscayne Bay - This Sunday's forecast called for 5-10 MPH east winds and wouldn't you know it, NOAA was wrong again! We had steady 15 MPH east winds all morning and crystal clear skies. With white caps in the bay the patch reefs were out of the question but had a more...
Capt. Mo Estevez - Biscayne Bay

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