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Capt. Butch Foster
April 26, 2012
Southport - Saltwater Fishing Report


Is it possible to stay in sight of land and catch fish that will make even the biggest, baddest man tremble with exhaustion after the battle is over?

You better believe it!!!!

And if you don't believe me, just ask Matthew Coats from Apex,NC., Phillip Jackson, Leigh Ann Keech, Ronnie Jackson, Tyler Corbett, and Weldon Brooks from Raleigh,NC.

We wanted to stay inshore today and catch big fish. Boats were reporting a few King Mackerel on the beach, some were reporting Spanish Mackerel on the beach. But, we wanted to catch something that would only consider these as mere morsels for dinner.

I motored the "Yeah Right II" to one of our better big fish areas and Gary dropped the first bait in the water and from that point on, it was show time!!!

Leigh Ann started the morning off with a Black Tip in the 100+ lb. range that would be kept for many fish dinners. It was a long and enduring battle that was fought all the way to boat side. It was all Gary and I could do to get the beast in the boat.

This fish was a mean one, He clamped the gaff in his teeth and I was able to help pull him in with just him holding on to the gaff.

We got our composure back in order, and next thing we know, Matthew was hooked up to what turned out to be a massive 125+ lb. Bull Shark. For a little while, the outcome of this battle was unsure. But, Matt proved to be victorious!!

A photo shoot at boat side and the big bull was released to fight again when he will be even bigger next time!!!

Next up was Phillip. Same scenerio, Phillip found himself hooked up with a Spinner Shark in the 80 lb. range. Don't let the size of this Shark fool you, it had a very bad attitude. Just ask Phillip.

Another photo session at boat side and a clean release for another day.

Weldon was at the helm next. But, today Weldon had the "fisherman's luck snake bite". Three big fish, and the last one cleared the water on the first run and we estimated it well over 200 lbs. It was huge!!!!

But, as it goes in fishing sometimes, all three fish were big, and all three pulled the hooks. I think this should qualify for three Quick Release Certificates!!

Then it was Tyler's turn. The balloon rig took off and Tyler was hooked up to a Spinner that just about pulled him out of the boat.

At one time, Tyler was sitting on the floor with his feet against the transom and the big spinner made a run and stood him right up.

It was a battle I don't think Tyler will soon forget. I know I won't!!! When it was finally at boat side for a picture shoot, Tyler was so worn out he was shaking like a leaf in a stiff wind.

We started to leave but Ronnie hadn't caught one yet, so, I wasn't going anywhere until Ronnie got one.

Again, it didn't take long until Ronnie was hooked up to a big fish. This fish was a strong fish, but, Ronnie laid into him like a seasoned pro.

As it was coming to boat side, we got a look at him. At least 100+ lbs. Then as it happens sometimes in fishing, the big shark made a quick charge under the boat and was wrapped in the prop.

We tried to get him free, but it wasn't to be!!! The sharp edges of the 4 blade Nibrile prop made short work of the line. But, we were going to release him anyway.

So, can you catch big fish and never leave sight of land, You better believe you can, especially when they want to bite as they did today!!!!

Thanks guys for fishing with us today. Hope you're not too sore in the morning!!!!

I am already excited about our Gulfstream trip we have booked in October with these guys. I bet we get on some more big fish that day as well like Wahoo, Tuna, Mahi, and possibly even another shark or Marlin. But, we won't be able to see land on this trip!!!

Looks like the next few trips offshore are going to have to be rebooked for better weather days. Can't control the weather but I can use good judgement and not go out in bad weather and risk any harm over a fish!!

Till next time, Catch a bunch, be safe, and God Bless You All!!!

Fish On!!!!!
Capt. Butch Foster

MATTHEW 10:39 If you cling to your life, you will lose it; but, if you give it up for me, you will save it.

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