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Georgia to North Carolina

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Postby captainbutch » Sat May 30, 2009 9:03 pm


Today started out as a regular day of fishing in the Gulfstream, but, that's where it all ended, just after it started.

The first thing started when I was at the mouth of the river and I remembered I had left the camera in the truck. OK, I'll just take the pictures when we get in, right, well Yeah Right, you'll see what I mean as this unfolds.

We were fishing today with brothers, Bill Argenbright from Harleyville,SC Sherman Argenbright from Roanoke, VA, and Will Argenbright from Sneeds Ferry,NC.

We had a very nice calm ride to the Blackjack hole where we deployed the lines and almost immediately we had a "Green Machine" destroyed by what looked to be a big Wahoo. I mean literally destroyed, cut up by sharp teeth and broke in half.

I'll sacrifice a "Green Machine" anytime for a hit like that was. Only problem, we can only speculate what it was, it pulled the hooks before we could see it!!!

Shortly after that, the starboard outrigger clip snapped and the fight was hard into a 35 pound bull dolphin. After that we hooked up a smaller cow and a barracuda.

Little did we know we were about to spend the rest of our fishing time mostly on one fish. (remember the forgotten camera)

It was sight you see on "National Geographic" or "Fishing Costa Rica" . We put the lines back out and the water on the far rigger bait turned white, and the reel was nearly emptied of topshot line and braid in a matter of seconds!!!

I started backing down hard to regain the line when on the horizon a gigantic Blue Marlin jumped and someone yelled, I think that thing's on the other end of this line!!!!!

Now, I can't say this was a 1000 pound Blue Marlin, but I will say everyone agreed that it was somewhere between 900 to 1100 lbs. This was a huge fish. Her eye at boat side was as big as a coffee cup saucer!!!

Turns out, who ever yelled out that it was on the other end of the line was right!! For the next 21/2 to 3 hours it was man against beast and on Penn IGFA 50 lb. class rods and Penn International 50 STW, it was the fight of a lifetime.

(I know some guys that are glad we weren't fishing the Bald Head Island Rodeo!!!!)

All three brothers "harnessed up" and took their respective turn with the fish as one by one the big Blue Marlin wore them down. A Blue Marlin fight on stand up tackle is awesome!!!

The decision was made that since Sherman was the rod man when the fish hit, that he would be the one to try to bring the fish to "leader".

Capt Chris leadered the giant Marlin and set her free. Not all was a complete loss, we did get some shots from a cell phone camera, not very good ones, (the nature of phone cameras) but better than I got with the camera back in the truck at the marina.

After the Marlin was released I presented Sherman with the windon leader, (that I make myself, what a test for durability) and the Pink and White Ailean Lure (that I also had custom worked) to make a better "smoke trail") as a souvenier for the catch to go with the citation he will be receiving!!!

I did get the pics of the mahi and things when we got back to the marina. I'll have all the pic's on here hopefully by tonight.

All I can say is if there was ever a fishing trip of a lifetime, this has to rate at the top of the list. Congratulations to Sherman, Bill, and Will for a fishing trip I know I will never forget, and never want to forget!!!!!

Till next time remember, You have "old captains" and you have "bold captains", but there are not any "old bold captains", Blessings to all!!!!

Fish On!!!!!
Capts Butch & Chris Foster
For the finest fishing on the NC coast come fish with Capt. Butch on the "YEAH RIGHT" here in Southport, NC. Just give us a call and start the fishing trip of a lifetime!!! (910) 845-2004. www.yeahrightcharters.com
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