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Great Fishing-Current Adventure Charters

PostPosted: Mon Jul 13, 2009 9:45 pm
by Current Adventure Charter
The rain is falling here today so it gives me a chance to catch up my fishing reports. The fishing this week has continued to be fantastic!! I have had catches of King Mackerel, Mahi Mahi, Redfish, Baracuda and more.

Saturday, I fished the skinny water of the Topsail Island area with Rob aboard. We boarded the <a href="">Vantage</a> headed up the ICW in search of Redfish. We found a little bay that I had not fished before, but it had the look of promise, so we decided to give it a shot and were not disappointed.

I took my perch atop the poling platform and quietly poled Rob around in the clear, skinny water. We eased the boat up to a point that had a couple of oyster bars leading off of it and soon Rob had set the hook into the first fish of the day. After releasing the first fish we proceeded up a creek only to find a bunch of bait, but no Reds willing to eat.

We decided to go back into the larger bay and give it another look. As the tide had risen since we first arrived at our location, I put the trolling motor in the water and joined Rob on the bow. As we worked down the shore line, we spotted a large oyster bar leading off another point. As we got close to the bar, I saw a large school of Redfish spook and start to move off, but instantly both Rob and I were hooked up!!! I hook and landed a nice slot sized fish on a jig, but Rob had hook a much larger fish on a gold spoon. Since we were both hooked up, I lowered the Power Pole into the bottom to hold our position. After a good fight, Rob slid the fish into the net.

We maintained our position for a short time to see if the fish would settle back around the bar, but soon decided to make a move and see if we could located them again. This area looked like it would be a great place to throw top water plugs, so we both switch lures to cover more water. We set course for a couple more oyster bars and found fish holding on just about everyone that we fished. Though we missed several fish, the top water strikes really got the adrenaline flowing as it always seems to do. In all, we landed 5 nice Reds for the morning and missed hookup on as many.

It was a great morning of fishing and I can't wait to go fish this area again!! If you are in the Topsail area or anywhere in the Cape Fear area and you would like to get into some of the great fishing the we have to offer, both inshore and offshore, give me a call and book a trip today.

As always, tight lines and practice catch and realease!!