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PostPosted: Sat Sep 12, 2009 5:46 pm
by captainbutch
Capt. Butch and myself started the day out with skepticism due to the persitent NE-E winds and the transitions in the weather and temperatures with the coming of fall!
We were joined today by Stephanie Woods, Stacy DeShields, and their brother, Blake Cogdill; alongside Jeremy Teague, Seth DeShields, and T.L. Owens in search of the "Captains' Choice" as long as it was big fish that pulled hard and something to eat.

After much searching the south beach on Bald Head for some pogeys, the Mullet Minnows were abundant, we finally made our way almost to the shoals and in deeper water where we located the Pogeys and after one solid cast the livewell was full and the Yeah Right II was underway to the offshore grounds in search of big fish.

Thankfully our crew did not want any one particular type of fish and was able to leave it up to Capt. Butch because the reports indicated that the Spanish and King Mackerel were not biting AT ALL this morning. After anchoring up and beginning to chum the water for Amberjacks, soon the crew found themselves hooked into the "ReefDonkeys" and trying to hold on to the rods for dear life as the line was ripped off them! They successfully boated 9 Amberjacks in the 25-40 pound range, we released 3 and the only bite on the lighline was a Remora.

Soon after we opted to try to catch some bottomfish. After trying for a couple hours and pulling out some Black Bass, a Pinky and a Triggerfish, Capt. Butch decided that it would be best to move back inside and try to find some Spanish Mackerel that would bite.

On the way to the beach Capt. spotted the schools of Spanish all over the top in the bait about 8 miles offshore of Bald Head Island, and the bite was fast and furious as long as we could stay in the schools of Spanish!

It was a great day on the water with a group of really great new-found friends!
Capt's. Butch and Chris Foster