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PostPosted: Sun May 30, 2010 2:50 pm
by captainbutch

Just as the winds came, they left!!

And what a beautiful day we had on the ocean today. I'll admit, it was a little "sporty" this morning, but the seas laid out to flat calm for the last half of the ride back to the hill today.

We had some more locals with us today and their family, they were Ed and Judy Watts from Oak Island,NC Ryan Watts from Wheelersburg,Ohio, Nels and wife, Amanda Klaiber from Peebles, Ohio, and George.

We had the full moon currents today which tend to make fishing a little tougher than normal, but you wouldn't know it watching these guys cranking the fish in!!!!.

There was a bunch of fish caught today, but I do believe Amanda was the top producer today.

This gal had a fish on everytime you turned around, plus, she put the first big Amber Jack in the boat!!.

The Amber Jacks today were coming off the Eastern Tackle Jigs. There's something about these jigs that drive them wild. You can get some @ Tell Jim I sent ya', Thanks!!!

The winds are gone for now and the seas and fishing is getting back on track again. Some Spanish Mackerel were caught again today by Capt. Dickie and his crew on the "Get Reel".

Spanish mackerel had been nearly non-existent for the past few days. Was glad to hear we have some back on our end of the beach again.

Thanks Capt. Dickie for the report!!!!

I got a 3/4 day trip tomorrow. Didn't hear of any Kings inshore, now that doesn't mean some were not caught inshore today, I just didn't hear of any.

I may try for some tomorrow, don't know yet just exactly what we will do. But whatever we do, we'll post it right here for you to read!!!

Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read our reports!!!

Till next time, Have a Blessed Day!!!

Fish On!!!!!
Capt's. Butch & Chris Foster
910 845-2004