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PostPosted: Fri Jun 10, 2011 9:23 am
by captainbutch
To say we had a busy day today would be an understatement. The fish kept us busy all day!!!!
Us was James "Skeeter" Midgett, James Midgett,Jr, Marissa Reeves all from Winnabow, NC., and with us today was Outdoor Writer, Photographer, and editor Craig Holt from Snow Camp, NC.
We were after bottom fish today and we started off catching some huge black bass. I kept moving and hunting areas that weren't covered with the black bass.
Finally, we semi got away from all the bass and we caught several AJ's and loaded the boat with vermillion snappers, silver snappers, grey snappers, and after catching some grouper that were too small to keep "Skeeter" got the big bite he was wanting to get.
Yes, I was fooled!!! This Red Grouper felt a lot heavier than 30 pounds and everyone said the same. But, according to the scales at the pier, it was two pounds shy from the state record.
It was a big fish and a trophy in anybodys fishing book. Congratulations to James "Skeeter" Midgett for wrestling this monster to the boat, a job well done!!!!

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